Camp Wannamakeagame

Camp Wannamakeagame is the NC activity for Daily Dare 2013.

Lulu's spending the summer at Camp Wannamakeagame with AAA, and she's having a lot of fun! Luckily, she takes the time each day to record her adventures on postcards. Wonder what she's been up to? Purchase a mailbox pack from the NC Mall to learn all about it!

How do I participate?
You can participate in Camp Wannamakeagame by buying Mailboxes in the NC Mall. These Mailboxes will allow you to place Lulu's postcards in them. You need a Mailbox for each of Lulu's postcards if you want to collect all the items. You can only apply one Mailbox for each postcard once, so it's not possible to get the prize for day 1 twice, for example. You can also participate in this event on side accounts.

Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox 22-Pack
1600 NC

Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox 10-Pack
800 NC

Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox 5-Pack
500 NC

Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox 1-Pack
150 NC

How do I activate my Mailboxes?
After purchasing your Mailboxes at the NC Mall, go to your inventory to activate them.

You can now go to Camp Wannamakeagame page. Here you will be presented with Lulu's postcards. Every day, Lulu will write about her day in a postcard! In the postcard she will give you an NC item.

Postcard Items
Day 1 July 29Day 2 July 30Day 3 July 31Day 4 Aug 1

Nurse Hat and Wig

(Click to Preview)
Day 5 Aug 2Day 6 Aug 3Day 7 Aug 4Day 8 Aug 5

Evil Fuzzle Mask

(Click to Preview)

Canoe Ride Background

(Click to Preview)
Day 9 Aug 6Day 10 Aug 7Day 11 Aug 8Day 12 Aug 9

Toxic Green Beard

(Click to Preview)

Floating Space Ship

(Click to Preview)

Daisy Circlet Wig

(Click to Preview)
Day 13 Aug 10Day 14 Aug 11Day 15 Aug 12Day 16 Aug 13

Compass Hiking Staff

(Click to Preview)

Lucky Dice Sunglasses

(Click to Preview)

Roo Island Bug Eyes

(Click to Preview)

Flame Dress

(Click to Preview)
Day 17 Aug 14Day 18 Aug 15Day 19 Aug 16Day 20 Aug 17

Marshmallow Biscuit Wig

(Click to Preview)

Swirling Lightmite Shower

(Click to Preview)

Music Box Purse

(Click to Preview)
Day 21 Aug 18Day 22 Aug 19

Lightning Bolt Dress

(Click to Preview)

Woodsy Wings

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Postcard Images
Each day Lulu sends a new postcard talking about what she does at camp that day. Where the stamp would be shows the NC prize for the day, and the first line in the address bar lists your username.


Can I claim NC item prizes for each day more than once?
No, unfortunately prizes can only be claimed once per day on each account.

Can I gift a Camp Wannamakeagame mailbox to another user?
Yes. Mailboxes are like any other NC item and are giftable via a NC Gift Box (one item per NC Gift Box).

Can I participate in Camp Wannamakeagame on side accounts?
Yes, you can participate in Camp Wannamakeagame on side accounts.

I filled my mailbox with Lulu’s postcard, where is my prize?
Once you fill your mailbox with Lulu’s postcard and see what she did that day, your prize will be placed in your inventory.

I’m trying to activate additional mailboxes, why isn’t working?
Please keep in mind you will only be able to claim a prize for each day once. If you have already activated a Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox 22-Pack you will not be able to activate any more. An exception to this is if you activate more packs in order to reach 22 mailbox activations. For example, if you activated a 10-pack and then a 5-pack, you will be able to activate another 10-pack in order to reach 22 activations. Unfortunately extra activations cannot be redeemed or returned as you can only collect up to 22 prizes each day in this event.

Is there a time limit for claiming my daily NC prize?
Yes, to see what Lulu’s up to at Camp Wannamakeagame, you’ll need to claim your prizes by August 19, 2013.

What is Camp Wannamakeagame?
Camp Wannamakeagame is an NC Mall event where you collect daily prizes to see what Lulu’s up to at summer camp with AAA. Purchase a Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox Pack to learn all about Lulu’s camp adventures!

What is the duration of Camp Wannamakeagame?
Camp Wannamakeagame will run from July 29 through August 19. You can join the event anytime within that period by purchasing a mailbox pack from the NC Mall.

Where do I purchase a Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox?
Visit the NC Mall to purchase a Camp Wannamakeagame Mailbox Pack. Be sure to activate it in your inventory before visiting the Camp Wannamakeagame page to claim your prizes.

Will I be able to collect NC item prizes for days that have passed?
Yes, prizes can be collected on days that have passed or on that day.

Will I receive a bonus item for participating in Camp Wannamakeagame?
Unfortunately, no bonus items will be given for participating in Camp Wannamakeagame.