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The TNT Staff Tournament has been underway for two weeks officially and there are a few scores we are missing.  If anyone has the following missing scores, please Neomail Jujipup so we can fill in our TNT Staff Tournament coverage page.

DJ Sally - Week 1, Week 2
Kakarot - Week 1, Week 2
Iceman - Week 1, Week 2
Ehlo Froyo - Week 2
Username Redacted - Week 1, Week 2
CMA Forrad - Week 1, Week 2
Star Player Items

Our Altador Cup Customisation Spotlight is still open and we are still looking for entries.  We are still accepting all team entries of course, but the following teams have no entries.  So show off your pets' team spirit.


AC XVI Customization Spotlight Entries are OPEN
Posted by jujipup on 15th of June 2021 at 03:13 AM NST

June's premium collectible is being sent out.  This month's collectible is: Premium Collectible: Floating Fruit Balloons.



We are looking for another user to join us in our SunnyNeo AC Tournament.  Sadly another one of our staffers is unable to continue the rest of the cup, and we need someone to take their place the rest of the AC.  They were a potential All-Star rank, so someone who's aiming for a higher rank to All-Star is prefered to help keep teams as balanced as possible.  So if you're interested, please Neomail Jujipup.  We would need to add you in before Sunday so you can start Week 3 of the Tournament on Monday.

Gotta keep these teams balanced...

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We have officially opened up our Altador Cup Customisation Spotlight for this year.  Show that your pet has team spirit for their team by showing off their amazing customisations.  There have been some great new items added since last year, and some great new ones coming this AC NC event.  So we are looking for some new and unique looks!

AC XVI Customization Spotlight Entries are OPEN
Two examples of last years' entries.
Posted by jujipup on 7th of June 2021 at 05:23 PM NST

The Altador Cup XVI has begun!  Head on over to the Colosseum to begin your games.  Also, the NC portion of the Cup has also been released  You can view our Altador Cup NC Guide.

Altador Coastline Gala

Down by the waters' edge.

We've updated the three side game guides for you to learn the new way to play.  We're still working on the YooyuBall guide live and it is a work on progress.

Slushie Slinger Guide Make Some Noise Guide Shootout Showdown Guide


An update for our SunnyNeo AC Tournament, sadly Corine has benched herself for the first time in our SunnyNeo Tournament.  However, Jocinto has stepped in and taken up with the team Deathly Hallows to keep the team at full strength.


Posted by jujipup on 1st of June 2021 at 02:39 PM NST

Sign Ups for this year's Altador Cup XVI have begun!  Head on over to the Colosseum to join a team.


Which team will you support this year??

It is official, the Neopian Users have all suited up and joined our SunnyNeo Staffers in our SN AC Tournament!  We have three SunnyNeo Staffers per team, and two users.  We also would like to give a shoutout to Nina who is a returning user from last year's tournament!  Welcome back!  Zen Keepers are adding Alisa and Mandy.  The Deathly Hallows have added Nina and Ashley.  The Forest Friends are joined by Daisy and Kaljinyu.  We are very happy to have all of you join us this year, and hope we have a great tournament!




Welcome to our teams!

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Koi can now be painted Toy. If you manage to get a new Toy Koi, please Model For Us so that our Rainbow Pool stays up to date. Also, if you get any of the new Coral Koi clothing, please help us keep our Wearables HQ up to date by modeling those items. The help is greatly appreciated.


Wind up some fun!

We are always searching for models for other items and pets.  You can view all of our Needed Models on one page and see what you can do to help.

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