Turmac Roll

What is Turmac Roll?
Turmac Roll is a little Turmac who is hungry and who will roll for his food! He doesn't just eat anything though, he will work hard for his premium variety of berries. Help Turmac fill his tummy with yummy berries as he rolls through the forest. Be careful! Tree stumps and grass ridges will be an obstacle for him.

How to Play:
The point of the game is to collect as many berries as you can while avoiding all obstacles that come your way when rolling your Turmac. As long as you are avoiding obstacles, the game will keep going. The minute an obstacle is hit, it is game over and you will have to start over.

Using the arrow keys on your keyboard, you can move your Turmac to help collect berries and get through obstacles. The left arrow key slows down your Turmac while the right arrow key speeds him up, and the up arrow helps him jump.

There are two ways to earn points during the game. The first way is by staying alive and not bumping into any obstacles. The more time you have your Turmac roll, the more points you rack up automatically. Each level has a different amount of points that can be earned. Easy earns 1 Point, Medium earns 2 Points, and Hard earns 3 Points.

The second way to earn points is to collect as many berries as you can. Each berry has their own point value that can help boost your point score. Each level changes the value of the berries. If you play on easy, you won't make as many points from berries as you would if you were on hard.
Berry Easy Medium Hard

1 Points
2 Points
3 Points

2 Points
4 Points
6 Points

4 Points
8 Points
12 Points

8 Points
16 Points
24 Points

15 Points
30 Points
45 Points

25 Points
50 Points
75 Points

50 Points
100 Points
150 Points

Super Juicy Berry
75 Points
150 Points
225 Points

100 Points
200 Points
300 Points

200 Points
400 Points
600 Points

There are three main obstacles to watch out for: large & small tree trunks, large & broken mounds, large & small sharp grass ridges, and mud! These obstacles may seem like they appear randomly, but you'll notice that there's always some form of pattern that will help you know what obstacle may be coming next! Below are some helpful tips of what to do when certain obstacle patterns occur:

Obstacle Patterns Best Method
Use the left arrow to slightly slow down. Try not to jump as it will be hard to control your Turmac.
+ +
Use the upper arrow to jump over the mud.
+ +
This one is the trickiest obstacle. You will need to double jump: jump right when you get next to the small trunk and you will make it over the large trunk where you have to quickly jump again.
+ +
Use the left arrow to slightly slow down. Try not to jump as it will be hard to control your Turmac.
Use the right arrow to move forward faster. You can jump over both obstacles. However, if you cannot, then you will have to double jump.
+ +
Use the right arrow to move forward faster. You will have to double jump. You can jump over the first two obstacles, however, another jump will be needed to pass through the small sharp grass.
Press the up arrow to jump when on the broken part of the mound.
+ +
You will need to do a double jump where you will jump over the small trunk and land in the mud with another jump to go over the large sharp grass.

Stepping into the mud does not end the game, but it does slow down your Turmac's roll.

There are a few known strategies when playing Turmac Roll to take into consideration.

Level of difficulty
It is highly recommended to play on hard rather than the other two levels. You'll earn more points faster, which in turn, can get you closer to a trophy.

Don't be afraid to take your time
Remember that you have a left arrow for a reason. It is easy to move fast, but there are some obstacles that require you to go slow. Slowing down can also help you see a the bigger picture of what is coming next.

Silence is golden
Turn off the sound. The sound effects do not help and it sometimes does not match up in real time of your Turmac's jumps.

Memorize the obstacle patterns
Get to know the different obstacle patterns and what the good methods are when attempting them.

Just like all games, there are trophies that you can earn depending on your high score!