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General Info
Bored of plain old Potato Counter? Then this new, improved, EXTREME game might be just the thing for you! Count the potatoes as they fly across the screen, but take care not to confuse them with other vegetables.

How to Play
As the name implies, the objective of the game is to count potatoes. In each level a certain number of potatoes will fly past you and at the end you will be prompted to enter the correct number.
Extreme Potato Counter

All you have to do is keep track of how many potatoes fly across, but be careful to only count the potatoes and nothing else.
Once the level ends you will be taken to the screen were you will have to submit your answer.
Extreme Potato Counter guess

You will have about 15 seconds to submit your answer, failing to do so will result in a game over. While there is no countdown on the submit screen, the text will change from “How many potatoes?” to:

and finally: 

While 15 seconds is plenty of time to submit your answer, take care not to get distracted here. After submitting your answer you will be taken to the next screen were, assuming you got the correct number, you will get the choice between carrying on to the next level or sending your score. If you need a break, this would be the time to do it, get a drink, rub your eyes, eat some potatoes, boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew or whatever else will help you focus on the next level.

Each level will get progressively harder. There will be more potatoes, more distractive vegetables and higher speeds.

There is however a set range of potatoes to each level. It starts off in level one where you will always encounter between 6 to 10 potatoes. In each subsequent level the minimum number will be raised by 3 and the maximum number by 5. The following table will show the potato ranges for the first 15 levels:

Level Minimum - Maximum
1 6 - 10
2 9 - 15
3 12 - 20
4 15 - 25
5 18 - 30
6 21 - 35
7 24 - 40
8 27 - 45
9 30 - 50
10 33 - 55
11 36 - 60
12 39 - 65
13 42 - 70
14 45 - 75
15 48 - 80

As you can see, a higher level does not necessarily mean there will be more potatoes. You could, for example, have 25 potatoes in level 4, 23 in level 5 and only 21 in level 6. Within these set ranges the number of potatoes is completely random.

Your score will reflect the number of potatoes you have counted. Each correct answer will be added up to the final score. If you are trying for the avatar, you can achieve the score between levels 8 and 11 depending on how many potatoes show up in each level.

Game Strategy
A large part of this game depends on luck, you should not be afraid to guess. The other part is fast counting and keeping track of your numbers. If simply counting out loud or in your head is not working out for you, here are some other suggestions for you to try and find what works best for you:

Counting on your fingers
Once it gets hectic, you might not have time to actually speak/think in complete numbers. One way to get around this would be using our fingers. So instead of counting twenty-seven, twenty-eight, etc. Stick to 1 – 10, and stick out a finger to mark your place. One – two – three – four – five – six – seven – eight – nine – ten and add a second finger and so on.

Using a calculator
Place a calculator beside you and set up a simple +1 addition: type in 1 + 1 and hit the = with that you will start at 2 and now you only have to hit the = again to add up another 1. This way you won't have to count at all, simply press one button every time you see a potato.   

You might find it easier to count sounds instead of potatoes, so every time you see a potato, tap your finger and concentrate on counting the taps.

Counting in pairs
Instead of counting every single potato, count in twos for every pair of potato you see. Now, this method probably won't be the best for everyone, but you might still want to give it a try. You might be one of those for whom this works best.

If you lose track, average the number. Did that look like ten potatoes? Good, there go another ten, and ten more... As the game progresses it will be almost impossible to keep track of every single potato, so keep a rough estimate. Check it against the possible number of potatoes for the level and take a guess!  


  • Keep the chart with the possible potato numbers for each level on hand. If you counted 11 or 21 on level 3, you will know that you got something wrong and need to add or subtract accordingly.
  • If you notice that your guesses are too low, add a couple of potatoes to your guess. In the later levels, most of the time your count will fall short of the actual numbers of potatoes, keep that in mind when giving your answer. Of course if you happen to always count too many, subtract accordingly.
  • Count the potatoes as soon as they enter the screen, not all potatoes come close to the middle, some might just even skirt a corner barely showing up at all.
  • Turn off the sound if it distracts you.
  • Try to focus on the entire screen at once, instead of just a single part of it.
  • You might want to set the game to the large screen setting.

Extreme Potato Counter

Score 200 or more points at Extreme Potato Counter.

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