Coltzan's Shrine

What is Coltzan's Shrine?
When King Coltzan III died, a shrine was built for him in the Lost Desert. One of King Coltzan's last wishes was that his crown was to be placed in the shrine, for its power will protect all of Lost Desert from harm. Rumors say that visiting the shrine might grant you items, Neopoints, or even stats!

Coltzan's Shrine is a daily event that can be found in the Lost Desert, as shown on the map below. Every 12 hours you can visit the shrine for a chance to have King Coltzan III bless you. Note: your account must be 48 hours or older to receive prizes from the shrine.
Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not visit Coltzan's Shrine on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

Lost Desert

Visiting Coltzan's Shrine
Having reached the shrine, you will be presented with the following page:
Coltzan's Shrine
Standing at the peak of a sand dune you see a tall monolith covered with strange hieroglyphics. It is the Shrine of the late King Coltzan III. His spirit still inhabits the shrine, and if you approach, he may grant you something to help you in your battles.


Boathook says, "After this we should go and get a smoothie!"

Your pet may also say one of these sayings instead:
After this we should go and get a smoothie!
'I hope this doesnt hurt!!!'
Do you think he will make me stronger?
I could do with some help, Coltzan!
Was Coltzan a good king??
This sounds like fun!
Poor old Coltzan...
I'm hungry.
I better get some rare items out of this!!!
I'm sure more intelligent Neopets would understand this shrine better than me!
And to think, Malkus Vile would have got away with it if it wasnt for us pesky Neopets!
They took long enough to make this shrine, it better be good!
I'm not sure, do you want to play Gormball instead?
I wonder if the shrine gives better prizes at certain times of day?
I hear the shrine can give out one million Neopoints!!!
Aren't there dubloons buried in the sand around here?
Afterwards, do you fancy a game of Deckswabber?

By clicking "Approach the Shrine," you will be taken up to the shrine, and King Coltzan will (possibly) grant you something.
Coltzan's Shrine
Boathook walks slowly up to the strange shrine...

I hope this helps...

Boathook is restored to full hit points!

Please keep in mind that you can only visit once every 12 hours. If you have already visited the shrine in that time period, you'll receive the following response.
Coltzan's Shrine
Boathook walks slowly up to the strange shrine...


Nothing happens.

Maybe you should wait a while before visiting the shrine again....

The prizes that you can get from the shrine vary between Neopoints, stat increases, items, and more. The following chart shows the text given for each possible result. Stat increases will be given to your active pet. It is rumored that you can win 1 million Neopoints.

When the shrine was first released, the prizes that were awarded were linked to the time at which you visited. However, this has since changed, and there is no relationship between the time you visit the shrine and the prize that is awarded. (Thank you to everyone who provided us with information on our Neoboard!) If you receive a prize or a line of text we are missing, please let us know. You can do this by either neomailing a staff member on our About Us page, or by hitting the send feedback button at the bottom of this page and put the information we are missing in the feedback box.
Awww, nothing happened. PETNAME is restored to full hit points! PETNAME has gained 1 level(s)!
You feel slightly richer! All your Neopets are healed to full health! PETNAME has gained 1 point(s) of defence!
You find a shiny dubloon lying in the sand. Some food from the Lost Desert appears in front of you. PETNAME feels faster!
NEED: scorched food NEED: plushie PETNAME feels stronger!
Coltzan has granted you a magical gem.   PETNAME feels more intelligent!
Coltzan's Shrine Exclusive
Last Updated: July 18, 2021
Total Items: 29
This lens is fairly powerful and it will reflect damage done to you by your opponent. You can only equip one of these.

Artisans Lens

The mighty king Coltzan still appears stoic in plush form.

Coltzan Plushie

This burning gem holds some of the power and fire of Coltzan.

Coltzans Burning Gem

Have the look of a king and also some of his power while you wear Cotzans Diadem.

Coltzans Diadem

This gem holds some of the power and fire of Coltzan.

Coltzans Gem

Come on Coltzan, make me stronger!

Coltzans Ghost Plushie

A lengthy last word it is.

Coltzans Last Words

Introduce your opponent to some of the power of Coltzans Necklace and they will not be so brave the next time you fight.

Coltzans Necklace

Scorch your opponent a little with the fire of Coltzans Ring.

Coltzans Ring

Rule over the battle with this fierce sceptre which Coltzan used while he ruled.

Coltzans Sceptre

This lens was created by expert craftsman, and it will reflect damage done to you by your opponent.  You can only equip one of these.

Craftsmans Lens

This lens was perfected by an expert and it will reflect damage done to you by your opponent.  You can only equip one of these.

Expert Lens

Not many pets have a golden shield. But if you are lucky and the Shrine believes in you the shield will be yours.

Golden Shield

Step 1. Dont be Coltzan.

How to Identify Poisons

This coin is something to remember King Coltzan by.

King Coltzan Coin

This shield was used by Coltzans own knights. Use it wisely and it will protect you well.

Knights Shield

These Geopeppers have been crushed and are now being sold for a fraction of their original price.

Mangled Geopeppers

This lens was created for a prince and will reflect damage done to you by your opponent.  You can only equip one of these.

Princely Lens

This shield was made for a prince. It is strong and will protect you well.

Princely Shield

The flying little Petpets referred to as Scarabug make a loud humming noise and often travel in huge swarms.

Royal Scarabug

Ptolymelons usually go off very quickly when cut in half but this damaged Ptolymelon was already ruined when it was split. ENJOY!!

Ruined Ptolymelon

Coltzans words of wisdom to his Lost Desert subjects.

Rule with Wisdom

Its very crunchy, and youll feel the sand in your mouth for days.

Sand Dabs

Burnt to a crisp and ready to eat. ENJOY!!

Scorched Grackle-Stuffed Turkey

This lens was used by serfs in Coltzans kingdom.  It will reflect damage done to you by your opponent. You can only equip one of these.

Serf Lens

What better to defend yourself in battle than this solid stone shield!

Stone Shield

Hug this plushie and youll almost feel like youre in the Lost Desert. Almost.

Sutek Plushie

This sturdy wooden shield can defend you against many a foe. Just make sure you dont get too close to fire!

Wooden Shield

Its pretty much a baby butterfly salad.

Zonutuk Fruit Bowl

Coltzan's Shrine Normal
Last Updated: August 09, 2020
Total Items: 33
You will not believe what went on while this desert was lost!

A History of the Lost Desert

The only thing holding this ancient scroll together is that Scarab.

Ancient Scarab Scroll

No matter how many times the dirt is removed from this scroll, it always seems to get buried again.

Buried Scroll

That probably would have been quite tasty.... had it not been burnt.

Burnt Vinegar Dipped Kabob

Crunchy on the outside even harder in the centre.


The Cheops Plant has succulent red berries that taste like cherries.  The leaves are poisonous however.

Cheops Plant

A bizarre fruit native to Sahkmet with very distinctive colouration.


Roast meat and desert plants are the delight of this kabob.

Desert Kabob

It is indeed a sad day when a desert scroll gets deserted in the desert.

Deserted Desert Scroll

This silver coin is worth five Dubloons.  Spend em on Krawk Island!!

Five Dubloon Coin

These fruits are often taken on trips out to the desert as they are filled with succulent cool fruit juice.

Gobi Fruit

Somebody stuck a toothpick through this Grackle Bug and is now attempting to sell it!

Grackle Bug on a Stick

From Pyramids to Minarets - discover the secrets of Lost Desert architecture.

Lost Desert Architecture

Mummification keeps the flavour in longer!

Mummified Pepper

This bronze coin is worth one Dubloon.  Spend em on Krawk Island!!

One Dubloon Coin

Deliciously refreshing on a hot Sakhmet day.

Pleto Melon

A bready pudding with a secret tomb of raspberry jam inside - the revolutionary way to eat bread!


This cake has a hidden stash of golden juppie mash inside - can you find the treasure?


So named for its almost Rhubarb-like taste and texture.

Rhuby Fruit

This scroll seems to writhe by itself. Good thing those rings keep it shut.

Ringed Scroll

Blackened on the outside even harder in the centre.

Scorched Cheopple

This fruit seems to have lost some of its distinctive colouration.

Scorched Chomato

Sadly this Gobi Fruit is no longer filled with succulent cool fruit juice.

Scorched Gobi Fruit

Something tells me this isnt really all that refreshing.

Scorched Pleto

This fruit wont be making jam any time soon.

Scorched Suti Fruit

We do apologise about the weak pun - sorry! These sausages are cooked in the heat of the savage desert sun.

Sphinx Links

Blueberries, flour, water, and heaps of sand!

Sutek Muffin

Suti Jam is loved by the inhabitants of Sahkmet and they often spread it on toast.

Suti Fruit

The blue bits of the Tchea fruit taste like banana, and the yellow bits taste like blueberry.  Very odd really.

Tchea Fruit

This special silver coin is worth ten dubloons.  Spend em on Krawk Island!!

Ten Dubloon Coin

This silver coin is worth twenty Dubloons.  Spend em on Krawk Island!!

Twenty Dubloon Coin

This bronze coin is worth two Dubloons.  Spend em on Krawk Island!!

Two Dubloon Coin

The Ummagine is a large root vegetable that grows far underground.  It is such a hassle to dig them up that it is very rarely done.



Sparky was the pet of a former Neopets artist that inspired the petpet Spardel. He passed on August 27, 2013, and so starting on August 28 of that year, people could visit the shrine to get the following Something Has Happened! event:
Something Has Happened!
Coltzan's beloved pet, Sparky, has ascended. In honour of Sparky, Coltzan has presented you with a winged likeness of his beloved Petpet.

History of Coltzan's Shrine

King Coltzan III was a brave and just warrior who governed The Lost Desert with a kind heart and generous soul for many years. His legendary status as a noble defender of The Lost Desert grew as the tales of his heroic deeds spread throughout the land. There isn't a single Sakhmetian alive who has not heard the tale of how Coltzan defeated a savage Monocerous with his bare paws, or of the time Coltzan rescued Princess Lightfoot from the clutches of the nefarious Baron Nehlaki.

Once he died his crown was stolen from the Coltzan's shrine by Malkus Vile with the help of the infamous Meerca brothers. It was soon recovered and returned back to the Shrine.