Posted by toe_bob on 23rd of May 2024 at 10:00 AM NST

We've just received disturbing news: everyone's favorite, The Giant Omelette, has turned grey! Currently, we cannot confirm if this will affect the quality of the omelettes or cause them to taste stale.


If you're feeling gloomy or confused by this unsettling change, please visit SunnyNeo’s The Void Within plot coverage guide for more information.

Posted by surging on 22nd of May 2024 at 10:39 PM NST

The Social Media avatar has been solved thanks to the sleepless nights of our dedicated Neopians and their unwavering achievement!

If you would like to solve for the avatar on your own, feel free to use our guide which creates a timeline of social media events to help you! If not, we have posted the code below as a spoiler.

Enter the code TIME4SOC14L1SING at the Grundo Warehouse – if you cannot copy and paste it as is, you might need to remove the hyphens for it to work correctly.

Two new fonts are all ready to go as well, one regular and one pen font. Congratulations to all in the Puzzle Hunters Club!

Virtually Alive – Activated on May 20th, 2024 and was the reward for solving the Puzzle Hunters Club's social media-based avatar hunt. Many Neopians gathered together to solve this puzzle since April and was completely solved on May 22nd.

Normal Font:
⌨ ☠︎︎ ☆

Pen Font:
ᯓ★ ✎﹏ ⌕ ?
Proud member of


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Neopets will be hosting a Royal edition livestream next week on Wednesday, May 29th at 5PM PST. Don't miss out on the exclusive livestream item. You can send any questions for TNT Dom on their StrawPoll:

We’ve got a fun Neopets LIVE coming - The Royal Edition! 👸
Join us on MAY 29th at 5PM (PST) with TNT LUNA as she takes us through the new Pet Styles coming to Neopia! With special appearances from TNT, don’t miss out! 🧨
ALL viewers who join live will receive a friendly companion as a LIVE EXCLUSIVE prize. 🐜
Send your questions for TNT Dom here:


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The Lord Kass themed social media customisation contest has concluded. Congratulations to the winners!

Social Media Post: Warning: Some VERY suspicious Neopets have been spotted in Darigan Citadel! What could they be looking for?

Congratulations to the winners of the Lord Kass Customisation Contest! Based on your votes, three (shifty) pets not only successfully snuck into Darigan Citadel and found some very interesting information about a certain Eyrie, but they've won some awesome prizes too!

🏆 First Place: Carlos G I with a convincing Darigan Spy!
🥈 Second Prize: Rodrigo V S with the coolest Cybunny in existence
🥉 Third Prize: David E with a Dark Princess with a skill for finding information!

We will be reaching out to winners shortly! 😈

What do you make of these notes?


Attached to the social media post is an interesting "fugitive file" image, hinting that Lord Kass may be alive. Witnesses claim to have seen Lord Kass when he was defeated, with new reports claiming his blade was seen near an "unknown Aisha" (probably Nyx.) Checkout SunnyNeo's The Void Within coverage guide for more details!

Image Transcription: Fugitive File: Lord Kass
Lord Kass was last seen during the attack on Meridell. Witnesses report he fled the scene. Abandoning both his blade and failed coup after a defeat at the hands of Lord Darigan.
There have been testimonials claiming he was destroyed at the hands of three hooded figures when he attempted to flee. This is unconfirmed.
Last known signs of Lord Kass remain at the sight of his disappearance where purple feathers beside a pile of ash. However, other testimonials stated that Trithduril disappeared without a trace from the battlefield where Lord Kass deserted it. Still unclear.
New reports have surfaced, where witnesses to strange visions are adamant they spotted the tainted blade in an undisclosed location alongside an unnown Aisha. We are investigating the possibility that Lord Kass survived and absconded elsewhere.

Posted by surging on 20th of May 2024 at 09:07 PM NST

New font ready to go for the newest Festival of Neggs. Plus two new avatars have been released for the new Battledome TCG; yes, the avatars do count towards your high score table. Currently they are only available in Canada. For a list of Canadian retailers, click here.

Grey Kari – Rewarded for participating in the Festival of Neggs in 2024.

。 ゚ ꒰ঌ ✦ ໒꒱ ゚ 。
    ✿ grey

UD TCG - Fire Uni – The code for this avatar comes with the Battledome TCG - Fire Uni Starter Deck and can be redeemed at the Grundo Warehouse.

♨ ꩜ ♨

UD TCG - Starry Acara – The code for this avatar comes with the Battledome TCG - Starry Acara Starter Deck and can be redeemed at the Grundo Warehouse.

   STARRY ˙·.·˙˙·

Posted by toe_bob on 18th of May 2024 at 05:00 PM NST

....WHAT IS HAPPENING?? Why are shop keepers turning grey? Do you see the weird void bubbles in the sky? Something strange is happening around Neopia and it's only a matter of time before pandemonium sweeps across the lands!

We're excited to finally release our The Void Within Coverage Guide, highlighting the timeline of events, teasers, social media posts and more! We'll continue to maintain our coverage guide to include the latest findings as the plot progresses. Just for fun, we're maintaining a page hosting some of our theories. If you'd like your crazy and unhinged theories listed, reach out and we'll give you credit!

Stay tuned for brand new plot-related lookups and graphics to be released soon! :D


It's okay my friendly Faellie, SunnyNeo will guide us to our safety!

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