Upon popular request we have decided to add a testimonials page, or fan mail page as others would call it. Here you can see a selection of what other fans - like yourself - have said about our website.

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Just wanted to say thank you so much for sunnyneo stuff!
- massivepwn

Hey! I didn't find any of the topics in the page so I am writing you Just wanted to say to all of you GREAT Job with the site. I've been following you guys and using your page for many many years now. Always so helpful. Just thought I'd take the time to congratulate you guys and appreciate what you do Keep up the awesome work!
- karlita_b

I love the TeaParty that you created. I have been playing for only a few months and finally have a pretty shop. Thanks for all the work that went into it.
- reginaaiken

Just a note of thanks to the "Contact Us" department. When stuff goes crazy on the boards, or I get stuck, you always respond to my emails quickly with great, helpful info. I really appreciate it!
- texane3

Thank you for all Sunnyneo does!
- blluedragon

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Keep up the super job you do on SunnyNeo, it's a must have, thanks also for your help!
- kira_starr

You and everyone at SunnyNeo keep up the fantastic work!!
- gamerpaws

I just wanted to say thank you to SN for hosting an AC customizing! It was really fun to join and be a part of. Also, I never thought both of my pets would be picked. I was just wishing that Mitthell would be picked. I was having a horrible day and that made it so much better. So thank you (:
- engozard

thanks for keeping SunnyNeo so great!
- ray_555_7

Just a note to say Thank you and the sunnyneo staff for all you do for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- __mountains__

Thank you! Sunnyneo is the best neopets fansite ever. Like the way its run and its layout is so amazing. And thanks for keeping such an awesome site going.
- yellisame

Keep up the great work with sunnyneo, Great job! It's the only help site outside of neo I use.
- bearsncats

Hi! I don't have any suggestions or anything, but i just wanted to thank you for providing cute shop layout HTMLs on your website. I don't know much about coding, so it was nice to be able to just copy paste it and make my shop look better. Thanks!
- alexxiscute

I found your website when playing neopets when I was in early middle school years.( im now a senior in high school) I remember how great that site was and how helpful it was. I was just looking through google when I found it again and I don't think youll realize how excited that, after all these years, its still up and running. Thanks for being awesome
- _mehg_

SunnyNeo has been the site that I have always used. I have bookmarked it. Modeled my pet for it. Look at the news daily. Whenever I want to know something, I look it up on SunnyNeo! SunnyNeo is an asset to Neopets Fan sites and should be listed FIRST! Thanks for all the hard work your staff does to keep all of us informed, your terrific graphics, your games guides, your avatar listings and well, simply put, everything you want to know or find go to SUNNYNEO!!! Thanks for everything. SunnyNeo is the only site I use as I find it most informative and better goodies! I think SunnyNeo is the best!
- bsrossini

- peaks_of_snow

hello I wanted to thank the entire sn team for help keeping members of neopets updated with everything going on it's makes it easier for everyone to find events and other pages as well as the help with avatars and graphics
- ariel17529

Hi, I just wanted to say that I've been using Sunny Neo for years and I really appreciate all the work you guys do! Thanks for making such an elaborate awesome site for us to use! c:
- captaingrungydirt

I just wanted to thank whoever for all the tips and suggestions you gave to people to help them WIN at DD. THANKS ONCE AGAIN, AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU ALL DO!!!!!!!!!!
- peaks_of_snow

Appreciate! *waves* love the fast updates on sn, hope you continue to post :3 *hugs*
- basilio42

just read your ac coverage and wanted to say it made me laugh (funnydew melon style)
- bittersweet52

Just wanted to say thank you for the new baby lookups, I have the blue baby one on happyfluffy2 and I really like it. Please pass this message along to whoever does the great backgrounds and lookups on your site. Sunnyneo is the best!!!
- cutie4life19

Thanks SunnyNeo for everything! For all your guides, help and everything! Most specially with the Altador Plot! Thank you so much for helping me finish such a long yet adventurous plot. Also, when it comes to game guides, egg hunting guides, Neoboards signature guides, etc. Thanks again SunnyNeo for everything! I hope Sunnyneo continues its legacy. One word for SunnyNeo: FANTASTIC. Thanks again, SunnyNeo!
- adorably_cute__3_3_3

I am sure that I do not have to tell you how amazing your site is for you to realize that. As far as I am concerned, you have the best Neopets related site around. I personally use it on a daily basis. If your site didn't exist, I would have a very difficult time navigating my way through Neopets and completing my dailies. Also, your graphics section is amazing. I have never seen such impressive work. I say that with sincerity. Thank you for everything.
- mariahsaccount

thanks so much to YOU guys, as always, for everything you do! I adore Sunnyneo.
- keepfalling

Just wanted to say thanks for the great user lookup I found on your site. I love it!
- gothgyrll

Hi Marleen! I'm an Italian girl, but I'm writing in English because I want you to understand. I want to just say "THANKS FOR THE HELP YOU TAKE ME IN YOUR AMAZING WEBSITE SUNNYNEO! AND I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE STAFF!" It does not matter if you answer or not, but I'm happy to write this Neomail to you. Thank you, thank you again! Ps: I'm sorry if I wrong some grammar thing in this mail.
- bem4ever

I love sunny neo! I use your guys' site everyday. It's helped me so much. thanks a ton(: -Kaylynn
- kaylynnlovesyou

Hello. I want to say, thank you very much for sunnyneo. This site help me every day, and it's really cool. I love your site, and I'm a big fan of it. :'D xoxo Clou
- cloutis

Wasn't sure where to e-mail this too, so just a shout out to you guys at sunnyneo. my favourite site and a huge help.
- lilliitwo

I use sunny neo for lots of things! It's very useful!
- cool_rabbit_35

Love the site btw, it's totally amazing!
- xx__rivendell__xx]

Thank you! Keep up the excellent work!
- lilshadowdweller

The new battledome calculator is AMAZING! Thank-you so much for that awesome piece of mechanics xD
- setteh

I look at your smiley page loads and a lot of your others, so the SN team is amazing!
- mukta_60

the site is very helpful and i wouldn't have very many avvies without it
- _odrodro729_

just wanna say the sunnyneo site is fab its helped me loads and i am never going to stop using it thank you.
- saphire0021

I wanted to tell you that I think you make excellent Daily match report for Sunnyneo! :D I love reading those :)
- lovisa966

thanks for doing a wonderful job keeping us informed at Sunnyneo!
- kissntells

Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to sunny neo for all the pre made lookups, pages and avatar fonts and things for all of us users out here.
- cathymcs

You guys truly do an incredible job and i love love love your site!! Keep up the great work!!! Thank you so much!
- cy3aha

thanks so much for having this sunnyneo site! i love it! i have wanted to customize my lookup and stuff for so long! and it was so easy i thought it would b hard. thanks for making my day!
- foxling_flowers

Just wanted to say, the new Christmas lookup on Sunnyneo is spectacular!
- cibola

Thank's for the Wishing Well avatar, it works!
- corsaire_noir

I'm sure you've received like.. 50 bajillion mails, but I just want to thank you for posting the solution for the wishing well avatar :3 Tell everyone at Sunnyneo I say thanks! It was very kind of you guys -Kate
- 1_doglefox

Give the team a shout-out from me for coming up with this successful Wish Well Project. Grats you guys!!!
- myflickyflapp

I just wanted to say that you are all amazing! What you're doing is way cool! I wish I knew how to do what you all do! Keep up the good work! -Jordi ^.^
- jojo4326

Just wanted to say happy birthday to all the staff! you guys have helped me in more ways then one and i love all the materials that u guys cover! thanx for your hard work, and all the help you give to us neopians! keep rockin!
- brenda_ann772

Hi! I just wanted to neomail you a comment about Sunnyneo! I think you are doing a great job and to keep up the great work! All your fonts, layouts, guides, notifications, and just more. I know everyone is proud of you and your site! Like I said, keep up the great work!
- jagode

Your Dice Escape guide is great! Your guide got me avatar 204 quick as any random avatar. Sunnyneo has always been my go to Neopets site for guides. Thank you so much!
- noobs_wil_perish

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