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What We Have In Store
This page lists content we are working on. We plan to release this as soon as possible and add them to the site. The list is not ordered in the order we are going to make them.
Game Guides
Oh dear! Ghosts are rising from the grave. What ever shall we do? Why not smash them with their own tombstone? Brilliant! What about these skeletons that are also rising? Those old bones are tricky, so watch out.
Sailing the seven seas provides you with a lot of free time stuck aboard the ship. Pirate games have been made, and they naturally are for bounty. Take up the dice and try to beat the others with your rolls. There are neopoints as well as two avatars on the line in the game of Bilge Dice.
Sit back and relax to the soothing music that enchants the Tomb of Sutek. Slide tiles to make three or more in a row. How high can you score? It may help to know the ins and outs of the game. Let us help you improve your score.
Oh dear! It appears that Kookith's are on the lose all about Neopia. You must help collect them before the real mischief begins. How exactly do you go about this? If they hit water do they turn into a mutant? Perhaps our Kookia guide that is to come will answer all your questions.
A classic game arcade goers flock to - pinball. Now you can play in the comfort of your own home with the Legends of Pinball. Unsure of how such a tangible game is turned into an internet craze? You will be able to learn all about it soon.
Interested in the new Ghoul Catchers App? We're in the works on a guide related to this new era of Neopets games.

Your pets are each unique. You express it through their clothing, stories, drawings, and their likes and dislikes. Be sure to use our Like/Dislike Indicators to help illustrate what they can't live without, and other things they cannot stand. Be sure, we have more pets as well as colors on their way!
Just to have something to look forward to, we've been trying to release some graphics to the winning faction of the Skirmish Battles. When a faction wins, we make the next mood indicator for their challenger. After that we make a header/footer, then a mall banner, and then a petlookup. What will be next?

It has been a long time since Neopets has released pens to provide extra space for a more advanced fonts. SunnyNeo will soon be joining the bandwagon and releasing premade pen fonts for all to use.
Our siggys page has a collection of cute premade siggies for you to use. However, the page is a little in shambles and has not had any new ones added. We are in the works of revamping the page along with adding new siggies. Hurray!
We are always working on updating our older fonts to be a little more current. Keep your eye out for updates.

General Guides
Ever wonder exactly what Coltzan's Shrine is all about? Why visit it daily anyway? We're gathering up information on the Shrine and putting it together.
So, you think you have wisdom beyond your years? Why not see if you can impress the Wise Old King Hagan? He may give you reading material, or send you away for talking nonsense.

Currently we are gathering the data we have received to see if there is a pattern at all. This is a long process, so please stand by.