The Money Tree

What Is The Money Tree?
In Neopia Central stands The Money Tree, a friendly old tree who has been there for as long as Neopia Central itself, perhaps even longer. Generous Neopians and generous ghosts donate Neopoints and items (sometimes stolen!) so that Neopians in need can visit and check out the items up for grabs. Neocash wearables, non-wearable items, and Neopoints can be found in a pile around the tree itself. The pile can be as large as 24 items at a time. Be sure to make your decision quickly if you see something you could use, because items go very quickly!
Since this is a site feature that gives out neopoint rewards and prizes, you may not visit the Money Tree on your side accounts. For more information look at our side accounts guide.

Collecting Donations:
Sometimes you may be in need to collect items from the Money Tree. Simply visit the tree and refresh by either clicking F5, or clicking on the top tree banner. Once you find something you need, click on the item.
It is important to note: you can collect 10 items per day from all of the donation places, not ten per place. So if you collect 10 items from the Money Tree, you cannot collect from the others that day. The shared claim count places are the Money Tree, Second-Hand Shoppe, and Rubbish Dump.

Sometimes you will click an item that someone else has already claimed.
The Money Tree

Oops! Too late...somebody seems to have taken that item while you were pondering.

If you are lucky, you will be fast enough to beat everyone else.
The Money Tree

Yeah! You got it!

Thanks for visiting. We hope you enjoy your free gift. Remember, though, there are others out there less fortunate thank you...

If you have a smaller screen and cannot see all the items donated at once, you can use the zoom feature by tapping ctrl and - together to zoom out, making the page content smaller.  This way you will be able to see all the items at once and therefore compete with those who have a larger screen.

Sometimes a mysterious entity known as the "Scamander-in-chief" will donate Scamanders to The Money Tree. Is catching a Scamander at all possible (since every attempt seems to end in the Scamander wriggling out of reach and running away), or is this Scamander-in-chief fellow running a clever scam? Please remove my username. ~username removed
It's quite possible -- just very, very difficult. Scamanders are squirmy little things, and catching one is no small feat!

Staay. Staaaaay...

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Donate Neopoints
You can donate Neopoints to Neopians in need by visiting the Money Tree. If you scroll to the bottom you will see a text box. Simply type the number of Neopoints you wish to donate and click the Donate! button. You can donate a minimum of 6nps or up to a maximum 5,000nps per donation. In a single day, you can only donate a total of 50,000nps altogether.
Once your donate Neopoints, they will show up at the Money Tree for others to claim.

1000 NP
donated by

Donate Items
There are two ways to donate items to the Money Tree. The first way is directly through your inventory which is recommended for smaller amounts of items. Click on the item in your inventory to summon the popup window. From the drop-down menu, select Donate Item. It will ask if you are sure you want to donate this item - if you are sure, click okay.
Item : Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza
Owner : jujipup

Extra spicy with fresh chilli, chilli flavour hot dogs and jalapeno peppers!
Type Pizza
Weight 1lbs
Rarity Index 94
Est. Value 5,500 NP

The second way is through "Quick Stock," which is a better method for any amount of items and makes it much easier to donate in large quantities. On the Quick Stock page, there is a column for "Donate." Click the circle next to the items you wish to donate, making sure that they are in the donate column. Once you are certain the items you wish to donate are checked in the proper donate columm, click submit. The page will warn you that you are about to donate or discard (x) amount of items. If you are sure, click "Okay" and your item will be donated.
Object Name Stock Deposit Donate Discard Gallery Closet Shed
Scroll of Dark Nova N/A N/A
Nova N/A N/A
Starry Crunch N/A N/A
Starry Biscuit Jar N/A N/A
Blue Neocola Token N/A N/A
Gorunda the Wise N/A N/A
Carawool N/A N/A
Dirty Snow N/A N/A
Forgotten Shore Map Piece N/A N/A

Either method of donating items will give a pop-up asking if you are sure.
The page at says:

Are you sure you want to donate this item?
The page at says:

Warning! You are about to discard and/or donate 4 items! Are you sure?
Note: if you have disabled Javascript these confirmation popups will not appear. You may accidentally donate/discard the wrong items.

Once you click okay, your donation(s) will show up at the Money Tree for others to claim.

Whole Chilli Deluxe Pizza
donated by
Hi Country Queen! Recently I walked past the Money Tree and I saw that the whole page was filled with the same items, donated by the same person. I refreshed a couple of times but I did not see any other items. I later found out that people sometimes donate about 100 of the same items, which I find a bit frustrating because they clog the money tree and you cannot find the other items that people donated. Are there any specific rules about the amount of identical items you can donate? (Please leave out my username)
Hi, there are no rules about how many of one item you can donate to the Money Tree. Things like this happen quite often as people clean out their safety deposit boxes or inventories and find they have a lot of one item that they just don't need anymore. It'll clear out eventually, and if you're looking for something more specific, the shop wizard might be the way to go!

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Donate NC Items
You can donate NC Items if you acquire an NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie. You can view our guide on how to use this item on SunnyNeo's Noda's Fortune Cookies Guide.

NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie
175 NC
The other day I was browsing through the Money Tree and saw some NC items. It said they were from a "Generous NC Mall Customer." But you can't donate NC items to the Money Tree... Can you? ~wockeyneyclar
There's an item called the NC Upcycle Fortune Cookie that allows players to discard multiple unwanted NC items each day for four days. What you see at the Money Tree is the result of this new item.

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