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Darigan Citadel
Cellblock is a game where you will be playing against inmates that the evil warden, Master Vex, has imprisoned. To win, you must get five of your pieces in a straight line. Neopoints are paid when you advance levels. Levels are advanced when you win the most games in the level. Can you be the new cellblock boss?

SN's rating: If you have a strategy, the game is very simple and has a nice payout. However, playing it too long can be repetitive and boring.

Game Codes:
Sorry there are no codes for this game.
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Darigan Dodgeball
Darigan Citadel
You must help the Darigan Kiko avoid all the dodgeballs that are flying around. The longer you keep him unharmed, the more points you receive.

SN's rating: This game should be age rated, it gives nightmares... Gold TrophySilver TrophyBronze Trophy

Game Codes:
Sorry there are no codes for this game.

Daily Dare Scores:
2016: 1,750
2010: 1,750
2016: 400
2010: 400
2010: 600

Better Than You Scores:
April 2016: 3,100

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