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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 3rd of June 2011 at 04:55 AM NST
Hello, Altador Cup fanatics (and casual participants)! Today we have the match report for Day 2 (June 2nd) of the Altador Cup. There are a few notices up in the Colosseum about littering. Try not to do it, the Altador Cup Committee has stated that they do not pay the Yurble Janitor overtime, so it's rather inconsiderate leaving slushie cartons all over the floor whilst he has to clean it up. Then again, he is receiving a new mop upgrade, so those floors should be sparkling when you arrive each day to watch the games. Great job, Mr. Yurble Janitor guy!

The first of two sweeps from yesterday goes to Team Tyrannia who caught Team Kiko Lake at unawares with some Stone Age trickery. The Lakers could not keep up with the pace of the rockstars and ended up as the supporting act. Holbie Pinnock from Kiko Lake said, "Tyrannia, much like Terror Mountain, is looking like a very promising team this year. We'll be focusing more on our other matches, so the fans don't need to worry about this one loss." Slushies all around for the Tyrannians, though!

The second sweep went to the scholars as Team Brightvale destroyed the Altadorian archives (figuritively speaking of course *eyes King Altador warily*) taking four smashing wins against Team Altador. Timu from Altador folded her arms as she remarked on the sweep. "I just don't understand. That Faerie Yooyu was all over the place, none of us could get control of the thing!" On the other hand, Orie Dinelle from Team Brightvale was elated as she exclaimed, "Team Brightvale for the win!"

It was the Sakhmetians versus the Pirates yesterday in a whirlwind contest that called Krawk Island as the victors. Team Lost Desert may have inherited the "Winner's Curse" but it is still too early to tell. Feldon "Dinsky" Collibridge, KI's newest player, had this to say; "I know all the fans miss Dasher greatly, but we have proven that we are still a strong team! We can do it!" Leera Heggle from the Lost Desert refused to comment but was pleased that Slushie Slinger turned in his teams' favour.

In a match that pit ghastly ghouls against happy-go-lucky Neopians, it was a support game victory to Team Haunted Woods and an honourable draw in Yooyuball against Team Roo Island. Fanetti, the Haunted Woods' goalkeeper, had this to say to the fans; "Those Rooligans are too happy! But it's incredible how a loss hasn't dampened their spirits." Fenny Vail, the Roo Island Defender, replied to that comment; "The Spooky Squad could really live up a bit. But it was still interesting to play against them despite the fact they kept on freezing us in ice!"

Team Mystery Island, home of mr. Coconut, stepped on an unexpected result yesterday as they faced Team Faerieland. Although the Islanders took home wins in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, the Faeries rallied and drew in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise! Kakoni Worrill (Captain of Team Faerieland) was thrilled with his team supporters. "Now this is looking to be a great year for Team Faerieland!" Volgoth, Captain of Team Mystery Island, agreed that Fyora's Fighters were putting their immense team spirit to good use.

Now we visit a pinnacle match-up that happened between Team Virtupets and Team Kreludor. Both Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown ended in a tie, but the overall winners were Team Virtupets for securing victories in Make Some Noise and Slushie Slinger. "The Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown contests were too close to call," the Referee explained after the match. "But Virtupets pulled a significant win in the support games. These two teams are quite well-matched." Zenor Kevix, Kreludor's Right Forward, congratulated his opponents. "I have to agree that it was an astronomical match and I can't wait for us to beat Virtupets in the second round!"

Team Moltara sped on with full steam yesterday in their match against Team Shenkuu. Both teams were recovering from being swept on the first day of the tournament, so neither of them wanted to lose. Moltara's fans rallied enough to equal Shenkuu's score in Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise AND Shootout Showdown. "Neither of us could afford to lose," Captain Aldric Beign of Team Moltara stated formally to the press. "The Ninjas really wanted to return to their former glory and we just wanted to get some kind of foothold up the ranks after last year's finish." Shenkuu did take the overall win with Yooyuball. Larcy Phu had this to say; "When two teams face each other after having been swept, all the stops come out. Moltara played extremely well and we're proud of our fans for rising to that challenge."

King Skarl of Meridell spoke immediately on behalf of his team. "See that, Lord Darigan? My knights beat your minions in Yooyuball AND Slushie Slinger. Team Meridell will see to it that you don't end up in the Top Four again - hmph!" To which Lord Darigan retorted, "Your team LOST Make Some Noise and Drew in Shootout Showdown. You can only boast if you SWEEP Team Darigan Citadel, fool." It was at this point the Yooyuball squads interjected. "Uh... just ignore them. Great game, Darigans!" Ilsa Ellits of Meridell apologised to the fans and their opponents. Kep Bonndfie from Darigan Citadel returned the good wishes. "Ah, this loss won't stop us. We'll get our own back the next time we face-off."

And our last report of the day goes to Team Terror Mountain versus Team Maraqua with a haphazard set of results. The wintery squad gained an overall win by ploughing Maraqua in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, but scrambled a Draw in Yooyuball along with a loss in Shootout Showdown. "Elon was determined to win Shootout Showdown," Osielle Lidel from Terror Mountain commented from the sidelines. "He hated the loss in Yooyuball, but it's nice to freeze their progress with a little victory for ourselves. Yay Terror Mountain" Oten Runeu of Maraqua could not disagree with that! "Elon hates losing. He will be very angry during the next match so our opponents had better watch their backs!"

Day 3 is here already? Time flies! Time to get those Yooyuball slings back on to head out to the field, teams. ACVI will be tournament history.

This report has been brought to you by SunnyNeo's Match Schedule page, because turning up for the wrong match would be incredibly embarrassing!