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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 16th of June 2011 at 08:22 AM NST
Hello, happy people! The sun is shining here in Altador and no one can hear anything because Make Some Noise is going on. So let's press on with the Day 15 (June 15th) Altador Cup match report, shall we :).

Team Virtupets is the only team with a sweep yesterday. They pulled out all the stops against Team Brightvale and left no page unturned. Reb Weemelott was disappointed but said that the best scholars don't let a crumpled page get them down! Keetra Deile was so delighted with the result she treated her whole team to a Dr. Sloth three course meal after the match.

It was a good day for Team Darigan Citadel as they won Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Kep Bonnefie flew five laps around the field after the result and high-fived Tandrak Shaye. Team Lost Desert won Slushie Slinger and celebrated with... slushies! "I'm starting to understand the underdogs now... you enjoy what victories you can," Vonde Cayle said reflectively, sipping a Tangerine Slushie. Words of wisdom indeed.

Team Faerieland swam with the fishes yesterday after Team Maraqua flooded their crater next to the Haunted Woods. The Maraquans won Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Elon Hughlis was pleased again but we won't give him the glory with a quote, instead we bring you Oten Runeu; "Heh, they swam with the fishes. Good one. They're flying fish!" Oookay. Team Faerieland still won Slushie Slinger so not all was lost. Elbin Kroe said, "You know it's a good day when others laugh with you and not against you."

The gladiators were scared silly when Team Haunted Woods burst in howling on the field. This gave the Spooky Squad the advantage as they won Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown (is anyone seeing a pattern with these match results?) Luckily Team Altador were not shaken enough to drop their slushies - earning them a stalwart win in Slushie Slinger. Winberto Seliz said, "I hate it when Krell howls, it gives me the creeps." Fanetti from Haunted Woods sniggered. "We're the best at sending shivers down our opponents' spines."

Team Kiko Lake could withstand the heat against Team Moltara yesterday, gaining the same pattern of results as the afore mentioned squads. The Kikos took Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. The Moltarans, in something opposite to their flaming auras, won Slushie Slinger. "Oh yeah! We're masters of the elements!" Zax Bannet cheered after the victory. Kiko Lake's Ditan Colb said, "I think Moltara can improve, they just need to channel their focus on the other games some more."

Team Roo Island had a rough time against Team Meridell but drew Make Some Noise and won Shootout Showdown. Fenny Vail said, "Not our best day but Fiorina was kind enough to paint my nails after the match." The knights won Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, giving them the overall win. "Yeah, I offered to paint Fenny's nails after the match," Fiorina confirmed to us after the game. "Why not? The Rooligans are good sports."

Team Shenkuu had a good day yesterday by winning Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown against Team Mystery Island. "Sometimes you just need the right balance of motivation and energy to pull a sweet victory," Antola Maeir said happily, waving to his fans. "It's good to move up the ranks." The Islander took Slushie Slinger but equalled Shenkuu in Make Some Noise. "I think I need more time at the Training School," Volgoth mused, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

Is there ice on the moon? There is now because Team Terror Mountain won all of the support games against Team Kreludor yesterday. Whilst the Kreludans won Yooyuball, they could not quite gain the friction needed to gain the footing against the Mountaineers. Nothing could quite stop the Lunar Squad from stealing those Snow Yooyus during the match. Celebratory slushies, anyone?

Ticket Vendor: [Translated from Tyrannian] Hello, Neopians. Why aren't you buying tickets for the Tyrannian Concert Hall? What? Yooyuball?! What witchery is...? Oh... It's a sport? Like marbles? No, not like marbles. Like hunting? Oh, well I'll read from this card you gave me. *Reads* I am here to talk about the Team Tyrannia versus Team Krawk Island match. Krawk Island had the overall win with Yooyuball. There was a draw in Make Some Noise. Tyrannia, the team I support, won Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. Go Tyrannia. *Stops reading.* Okay, can I go now? Good. Now buy tickets to see the concerts! I need Neopoints!

Join us tomorrow when we will see Gorix talk about his favourite team in the VIP Booth.

This report has been brought to you by SunnyNeo's Slushie Slinger guide. Mmm... Slushies.