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Posted by phoenixs_angel on 26th of June 2011 at 02:35 AM NST
Today the last VIP area, the Royal Box opened! The ticket for this area is selling in the NC Mall for 750 NC. Our NC Challenge guide has been updated with more info about this VIP area and the item it gave out today, Royal Velvet Wings!

It's very generous of His Highness, allowing you access to the Royal Box

Keep in mind,  our customisation spotlight will run until midnight 27th June, so today is your last day to enter! We received many great entries, but we're still low on the following lands:
  • Altador
  • Brightvale
  • Kiko Lake
  • Kreludor
  • Meridell
  • Mystery Island
  • Tyrannia
  • Virtupets
If you have a Pet who is supporting one of these lands, please consider entering. If you have a Pet supporting another land, you can still enter as well!

To do so send a neomail to berry02 or phoenixs_angel with the following information:
  • The name of your Pet
  • The team your Pet is supporting
  • All the items used on your Pet (please use their exact names!)

Last year we had some very nice entries winning there...