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Posted by anuarisa on 1st of July 2011 at 02:32 PM NST
The TNT Staff Tournament has finished. You can claim your neopoints for the last round. Also a prize shop should open soon.

Just when you thought you had enough staff-themed items cluttering up your Safety Deposit Box... the Altador Cup Staff Tournament Prize Shop is on its way! Once it opens (around Tuesday, July 5th), those who've picked rosters will be able to exchange the points they've earned for prizes. Because the 4th set of match results are already in, those who haven't picked a team will have to wait 'til next year, since the staff tournament is over.

Our TNT Staff Tournament guide is updated with the the latest scores.
(credit goes to AC and Premium board for posting their scores)

Also here are two possible unreleased prize.
(credit for the first one goes to hottie_2004_67_888 on the neoboards)