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Posted by Crowprincess on 12th of July 2011 at 02:13 PM NST
Since the Altador Cup is over, there's no use of having an Altador Cup Shop at the NC Mall anymore. The following AC items will retire at 11.59 pm NST tonight:

2011 Altador Cup Mystery Capsule
Altador Cup Pillars Foreground
Altadorian Column Staff
Laurel Wreath Shower
Mechanised Yooyu Selector
Altadorian Warrior Mini Pack
All the Team Cuffs
All the Altador Cup Jerseys
All the Team Spirit Banners

Grab me while you still can (get it? *har* *har*)

Today is also the last day to collect your prizes from the AC VIP access. (if we read the FAQ correctly)

Check our NC Challenge Guide for all available prizes.