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Posted by coalbox on 7th of June 2013 at 10:30 PM NST
Wait, what? Was that a yawn?! No way cupcake, it’s time to wake up, it’s Altador Cup VIII time!  It’s already been a week since we first kicked off on this month long journey together - where does that time go so quickly? Hopefully you didn’t sleep in too long today as it’s now Day 7 and time to PLAY!

* - Make Some Noise has a bonus today!!

Our new Alabriss Bracket saw Krawk Island vs.  Kreludor, Virtupets vs. Darigan Citadel and Tyrannia vs. Shenkuu. Who celebrated in victory? Let’s find out!

Team Krawk Island smashed out two great wins in Yooyuball and Shooutout Showdown in their natural pirate ways (arr yee matey!) and was barely defeated in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise, which goes to Team Kreludor.  The ever intimidating land of Darigan Citadel showed exactly what amount effort is needed to win, taking Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown against Team Virtupets, who takes ever-important Yooyuball.

Powerhouse Team Tyrannia is still undefeated in Altador Cup VII, taking their sixth straight win.  Will the trend continue?! Ugga SMASH, THAT’S A YES!!! Unfortunately Team Shenkuu that means you won, well, nothing. You’re definitely not alone in that against this team!

Rolling into the Minitheus Bracket we saw three clean sweeps, going to Team Altador, Team Roo Island and Team Maraqua. Their competition Team Terror Mountain, Team Lost Desert and Team Mystery Island just couldn’t kick their teams into gear today! There’s always tomorrow right?

Last but definitely not least is the Vaeolus Bracket which saw Team Brightvale take a sweep against Team Faerieland. Team Haunted Woods scares the knights off their houses and almost sweeps Team Meridell, taking Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Team Meridell got so mad at that shakin’ jelly chia they shot every yooyu at his face. Every. Time. Whatever it takes to win! Is water better than fire? Beep, wrong! Neither are better, they just cancel each other out. Thus what happened when Team Moltara went head to head against Kiko Lake. Wins in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise for Moltara while Team Kiko Lake celebrates for victories in Slushise Slinger and Shootout Showdown.

This cupcake has hearts! Peace offering?!