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Posted by jujipup on 22nd of May 2016 at 07:13 AM NST
The Colosseum fills with Noise,
With cheers from all the girls and boys.
As the Yooyu's fly both left and right-
Darigan Yooyu's give quite the plight.
There is a Showdown between all teams
As participants rush to make their dreams.
If you give your order to the Slinger first,
A Slushie can be had to quench your thirst.
-SunnyNeo News 9th of June, 2014 & 9th of May 2015

As the Colosseum begins to fill, and the spectators are all adorned in their favorite teams' attire, the roar from the crowd is powerful.  Enter two-time Team Super Heroes All-Star Jujipup - now a retired player of the SunnyNeo Staff Tournament.  Now branded as the SunnyNeo Staff Tournament's Scorekeeper.

"This year we will have five teams of at least four players.  The staff members who've signed up have been devided into teams and are working on their uniforms.  We are super excited for this years competition.  Best of luck to all teams this ALTADOR CUP!"