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Posted by jujipup on 26th of May 2016 at 01:24 PM NST
The sky above the stadium fills with wondrous colors that dance among the stars.  Purples, Blue and Aqua amaze as they fill the crowd with wonder and delight.  It can only mean one thing:  Team Aurora has arrived!  The SunnyNeo Staff Tournament has its first team.  With SunnyNeo Staff Legends and Newcomers alike, Team Aurora is made up of five competitors.  Sosu is a graphics maker who recently returned to SunnyNeo after some time away.  He's never participated in the SN Staff Tournament, but promises to bring in some great scores for his team Moltara and Aurora alike.  Sitka is SunnyNeo's recently added Petpet Expert.  She's clearly sporting Maraquan attire and is hoping to come out strong on her first year on the SN Staff Tournament.  Vicki our long-time Battledome Expert too has never joined the SN Staff Tournament, but is eager to show her worth as well as pulling for her Neopets' team Shenkuu.  Franc is a newcomer to SunnyNeo and is our Concept Coordinator.  Franc is the second Maraqua supporter of Team Aurora and is hoping to be the push Team Aurora needs to take this SN Staff Tournament!  Ashleigh is SunnyNeo's most recent staff member - joining us today as a Customisation Preview Searcher.  Upon joining, she was very eager to be a last minute entry being the second Shenkuu supporter on this team.  She hopes to be Team Aurora's secret weapon.