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As the Altador Cup quickly approaches and everyone has either a slushie or a megaphone in hand, clad in their team gear, another Staff team has arrived for the SunnyNeo Staff Tournament!  You can't help but feel the comfort and familiarity in their name:  Team Home Town Heroes!  Front-runner for the team is Callie our AC Daily Reporter.  She's hoping being on top of the AC she'll be able to find teams strengths and weaknesses and use that to help her team here and for Krawk Island.  Callie has also helped us out with graphics and is returning from Staff Tournament AC IX.  Jocinto is our resident Customisation Team member.  He does a lot by getting items into our database and maintaining it.  He's clad in Lost Desert apparel.  Jocinto has shown dedication here at SunnyNeo, and hopes to apply that same dedication to racking up scores for his teams.  Jocinto was in previous Staff Tournaments: AC V, VI and X.  Joyables charges in as one of our newer staff members as a General Page Maintenance.  She's still settling to SunnyNeo and Haunted Woods, but hopes that with the unknown she can score points to help her teams.  Ziggy returns once again from previous Staff Tournaments AC IX and AC X   She's once again clad in Roo Island attire.  Ziggy does quite a lot for us around SunnyNeo including Packrat and other Item lists, Customisation, and basically anything that doesn't require graphics or HTML.  She is a huge asset to SunnyNeo and hopes to be one for her team.  Bloom too enters in Roo Island attire, but is a beginner to the SunnyNeo Staff Tournament.  Bloom is another General Page Maintenance around here at SunnyNeo and hopes to help us get some pages updated.  Without other Staffers familiar with her play, she hopes to use that as her strength.


We've updated a few more pages for you as well.  The Tournament Rules page has the lastest rules placed.  You can view the Sign-Up Bonuses for signing up for the Altador Cup multiple years.  Customisation Overview has been added for this year, but will have more additions as the AC unfolds.  We will update previous years for this page after the AC ends.

Our Customisation Spotlight is NOW OPEN!!  Please read over the rules carefully.  Once again we will do two categories for each team:  NP Only and NC Included (PB clothes acceptable in either category).  The last day you can enter your pet is June 26th, and winners announced on July 1st.

Two entries winners from last year.  Altador's is NP Only, Kiko Lake is NC Included.