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Just as the Sun begins to set over the Colossem the last day before the Altador Cup XI kicks off, an uneasy feeling begins to settle.  A group of SunnyNeo Staffers enter in lab coats as they begin to cackle.  It is easy to see they are all mad - Team Mad Scientists has arrived.  Two-time Team Super Heroes Champ, Mikey leads the team into the arena sporting Lost Desert colors.  Mikey is our Game Guide Writer.  Mikey has done well previous AC's, and is a two time Staff Tournament Champion.  He's hoping to be three for three.  Jay follows closely behind clad in Terror Mountain colors.  Jay is a Customisation team member and updates our Rainbow Pool.  Jay and Mikey were together last year on Team Super Heroes and hope with the two of them, this team will prove to also be untouchable.  Jay was also in our AC IX Staff Tournament.  Aly is a newer artist here at SunnyNeo - and the only newer member on this team.  Aly is hoping to fit right in with our long-time staff members and not fall behind.  David is our Programmer and overloaded with us throwing questions at him on how to fix this and that.  Although he's been a SunnyNeo Staffer for quite some time, he's new to the Staff Tournament.  He's hoping we don't keep him distracted with projects and can be this teams mystery.  Robyn is also an Artist who's been around for quite some time.  Although, like David, is new to the Staff Tournament.  She sports Meridell attire and hopes to score the first points for both her teams. 


New Altador Cup Banners and Glitters have been made! Be sure to check them out and add them to your Userlookup, Petpages, etc. to show support for your team.

TMBanner     TMGlitter
MTBanner          MTGlitter

All of our Buttons/Banners have been fixed!  Hurray!  You can now use them without any problems.

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