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A new NC feature, the Ultimate Altador Cup Gear Pack, is selling nowin the NC Mall. It'll cost you 600 NC and will give you 5 Team related NC items:



As well as a chance at a bonus background:



You get the option to choose any team you like, not just your own team (yes, you can get all 18 teams if you are planning to spend that amount of NC ;) ). 


This mean we need models of these items. Many models. And we need your help with is. All you need to do is make sure your Neopet is wearing one or more of these items and add them through our modelling page (if your Pet is only wearing one item, it will also save the static/png image for us). You can see which items we alraedy have on our Wearables HQ. Any item you can model, any help with this is greatly appriciated!