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Posted by thelunaticofthegrass on 28th of May 2020 at 08:36 PM NST

Hello, all! Preparations for this year's SunnyNeo Staff Tournament are underway!

To start off this report, we are going to introduce Jay, who is currently in charge of Rainbow Pool maintenance. Promising things are being said about how he'll perform on the field - let's just say our hopes are quite high!  Jay's teammate Amanda is a newcomer to SunnyNeo but a long-time Altador Cup fan, hence her position as Altador Cup reporter this year.  Jay and Amanda make up team 'Solar Flairs.

Next up, we have Wolf, whose gameplay skills are made evident by the expertise which he has written guides here on the site. His teammate is Olivia, a newcomer; she is getting a start as a fellow guide writer so we expect great things from her as well. Together they form the team 'Too School for Cool.'

Now, introducing the two members of Team 'Hop to It': Faith and Jordan. Faith, resident graphics maker, is hoping to show off her exemplary sense of style on the field and Jordan, with her keen writer's intuition, will also be one to watch. A designer and writer pair could prove quite formidable on the field.

The Question Marks are the users who will be joining them - announced soon!

Previews of the last two coming tomorrow! Thanks for checking and get hyped, everybody! Woo!