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Posted by thelunaticofthegrass on 13th of June 2020 at 10:49 PM NST

Krawk Island faced Tyrannia, cannons blazing, and came away with wins in all of the games except for Shootout Showdown.

Altador won every game during a heated (*ahem*) match with Moltara.

Brightvale and Maraqua, both strategic teams, squared off with equal vigor, though the scholars ultimately only conceded one game, Shootout Showdown.

Historical rivals Meridelll and Darigan Citadel had a hard-fought match; the traditional victor of the wars, Meridell, won this match, too. Darigan stopped a sweep with a Shootout Showdown victory.

Faerieland's traditional strength in Slushie Slinger proved an asset in their match with Mystery Island, as they were able use it stop a sweep by the islanders.

Similarly, Roo Island was able to use their Slushie Slinger strength against Haunted Woods to prevent a sweep by that team.

No such luck showed itself to Lost Desert, however, as Kiko Lake won every game against them. 

Terror Mountain, though, continued the general trend of the day and took Slushie Slinger from Kreludor in an otherwise Kreludor-centric match.

Shenkuu came away with similar results, staving off a sweep by Virupets with a Slushie Slinger win.

Amazing playing, all!