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Posted by jujipup on 7th of June 2021 at 05:23 PM NST

The Altador Cup XVI has begun!  Head on over to the Colosseum to begin your games.  Also, the NC portion of the Cup has also been released  You can view our Altador Cup NC Guide.

Altador Coastline Gala

Down by the waters' edge.

We've updated the three side game guides for you to learn the new way to play.  We're still working on the YooyuBall guide live and it is a work on progress.

Slushie Slinger Guide Make Some Noise Guide Shootout Showdown Guide


An update for our SunnyNeo AC Tournament, sadly Corine has benched herself for the first time in our SunnyNeo Tournament.  However, Jocinto has stepped in and taken up with the team Deathly Hallows to keep the team at full strength.