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Posted by jujipup on 19th of May 2022 at 08:08 AM NST

The Colosseum has nearly a full house, missing only a few teams.  Darigan Citadel, a team that typically places higher-mid to higher has last seen the Altador Cup come home with them in AC II (2007).  Eager to show they can in modern times still claim the cup, Darigan Citadel appears to show its strength as they practice.  Another team that is all over the place and yet to claim the first place podium spot is Maraqua.  Only time will tell if the team will play well this year to take the cup this year, if they make it to the middle tiers, or if they flop to the bottom.  Perhaps this year will find them in stranger tides with a first place win.  With quite a few teams being all over the placement board, another team of them, Virtupets, has also arrived.  Virtupets has been among the tougher teams to beat as well as the underdogs.  They did, however manage to win the Altador Cup back in AC VI (2011).  Can this team pull off a last place in AC XVI to first place this AC XVII??  They appear motivated on the practice field.

Has the winner of this AC just arrived??