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Posted by jujipup on 23rd of May 2023 at 08:33 PM NST

The Colosseum is completely filled with teams and supporters alike.  Team Meridell has finally arrived.  After their close call last year, it is no wonder they're last to arrive.  They were all but thought to of had last years Altador Cup, but when the winners were announced, they fell just short on 3rd.  They've been there before in ACVII as well as second place twice in ACXIII and ACXV.  Only time will tell if they have the will to push through last years upset to finally take the cup home this year.  Another hard to guess team is Team Tyrannia.  They've been all over the rankings making them unpredictable.  They have, however claimed the cup in ACXIII and ACVIII.  Will this prehistoric team bring something new to the game this year, or will it be the same old playbook?  New can be shiny and exciting, but nothing beats a classic and original.  Maybe they can find the balance to take a third win for their home town.  Last but not least, Team Virtupets is now taking to the field for practice.  Another unpredictable yet tough team to beat, Virtupets took the cup back in ACVI.  They've come close falling in second last year, as well as in ACXIV and ACIX.  However, other years they did well, the following year they fell down to middle to lower ranks.  Will they follow this pattern again and fall in the rankings for this years Altador Cup?  Or will Virtupets rise to the top?  After all, what is one more ranking compared to last year?

Time to get out there and practice!

We are once again all secretly rooting for one of these teams to take their first win!