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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 1st of June 2011 at 12:02 PM NST
At long last the Altador Cup is finally here! If you're still struggling with the new version of Yooyuball, check out our latest guide to help see you through the tournament.

Watch out for this guy, he has an explosive personality!

Remember to check out our Altador Cup Coverage for all the latest guides, graphics and other fun things, along with keeping an eye out for our daily match reports!

Update: In NC Mall news, there is the new Altador Cup NC VIP Locker Room Pass for sale at 750 NC! This will enable you to access the NC VIP Pass section of the tournament. Keep an eye out for SunnyNeo's updates on this feature too.

Now that's a nicely priced ticket!

TNT will be releasing more NC ticket passes, so keep checking the NC Mall. Thanks to prada_prince we can show you two of the next tickets:

Aww wouldn't you want 10 of these?

Good luck to everyone in the tournament! Altador Cup VI will be an interesting event to be a part of.

And you don't want to wind up sat next to this guy either!