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Starting in 2023, Neopets launched a much anticipated and engaging plot on site called The Void Within. This detailed and completely developed plot is the first that Neopians have seen in nearly a decade.

Headed by CEO TNT Dom and his team of content writers, Neopets stages the scene that something strange is happening in Neopia. Citizens are turning gray, there are strange sightings, and characters are having frequent, disturbing visions of the future. The best part? This is only the beginning.

TNT will continue to feature over 10 months of content through traditional events like the Advent Calendar and Festival of Neggs to different game-based platform apps such as Tales of Dacardia and ongoing AMA livestreams.

Join us at SunnyNeo as we follow The Void Within from beginning to end with detailed timelines, character lore and development, unhinged theories from SN staff and the community, and timeless graphics for you to enjoy!

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Highlights & Summary

There's a lot of information related to the plot, we've summarized everything we know so far here.

Festival of Neggs (2023)

  • Orion O. Ophiuchus: first introduced, has a family legacy in the "business of the stars" and using tarot cards.
  • Bython: a new Petpet was identified with the help of Orion, originating from a mysterious object found deep in space.
  • Mira: mentioned a pollution problem in Neopia (later leading to the Faerie Festival.)
  • See more information about the festival!

Faerie Festival (2023)

  • Monty McTaggart: CEO of the Obsidian Mining Company, rather than using sustainable energy, they burned obsidian and produced a lot of pollution.
  • Malkus Vile: a secret and major investor in Monty's mining company. He hired Balthazar to bottle up Illusen. Malkus also mentioned that the plan to weaken the faeries was always the plan and came from someone above
  • Comic: Vira and a mysterious unknown Dark Faerie are scheming to weaken the faeries, hinting Queen Fyora suspects what will happen but won't tell anyone causing her mind will be overrun with fear and suspicion.
  • Paintbrush: a mysterious paintbrush within a glass display is visible in the comic.
  • Jhudora & Illusen: were able to use their magic and spells to clean up Neopia from pollution.
  • See more information about the festival!

Advent Calendar (2023)

  • Orion: discovered a magical Lyre in the snow which has some unknown magic, allowing him to see visions.
  • Orion's Visions: shown in the form of comics, it shows a lost blue Aisha (Nyx) lost and in trouble in deep space. Nyx might be from Virtupets and her trusty Faellie mechanic saves Nyx's life after they were both cursed after being touched by the strange tentacle monster.
  • Paintbrush: the mysterious paintbrush (from the Faerie Festival) is teased again, being held by an unknown grey character in Brightvale.
  • Lord Kass' Sword: visible stuck inside a piece of rock, suggesting his involvement somehow.
  • See more information about the Advent Calendar!

Holiday Livestream (December 2023)

The Void Within Livestream (March 2024)

  • Plot Stuff: in development for years, will feature more than 10 months of content, minigames and activities. Might be tie-ins in Tales of Dacardia.
  • Characters: Nyx (blue Aisha) is the main protagonist. Three villains: Vira, the unknown Dark Faerie and one more.
  • Grey Shopkeepers: have been "drained out" or "cursed" and cannot be painted back.
  • Hints about paying attention to the Festival of Neggs and Altador Cup.
  • See more information about the livestream!

Spreading Grey Curse

Festival of Neggs (2024)

  • Orion's Visions: strongest during large Neopian gatherings (ex: Advent Calendar, Neopies, Festival of Neggs, Altador Cup.)
  • Moltara & Petpet: Orion had a strong vision but was scattered due to a quake in Moltara City. After piecing them together a new Petpet was discovered, Tuffala, near the mining company building and thrives on lava.
  • See more information about the festival!


  • Editorial #965: Aesop hinted that the plot will have a "heartfelt tale involving a certain faerie long overdue for a resolution"
  • Editorial #1,000: Battledome will be revamped for the plot to be more friendly. Whispers about Orion's concerns have spread across Neopia, various leaders are preparing for the possibility of peace coming to an end.

Latest News

The latest SunnyNeo news related to this plot:

Posted by toe_bob on 17th of June 2024 at 10:10 AM NST

THE VOID WITHIN HAS OFFICIALLY COMMENCED! This is not a drill, please proceed to freak out in excitement. The Void Within plot homepage is now live! We'll be updating our coverage guide to cover the new developments!


Furthermore, TNT has released new NC Mall items and will be doing a giveaway! You can enter the giveaway at for a chance to win up to 7,500 NeoCash!!

Hi @everyone!! It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for…PLOT TIME 😤

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’ve been so excited to finally be able to take part in a Neopets plot in real time. What is the plot you may ask? Well…have you noticed things getting a bit...grey around here? 👀

It’s not just Neopia getting tired of Kiko Lake taking our items—everything is literally becoming devoid of colour. Brace yourselves, because a mysterious rift has ripped the skies open, unleashing a powerful magic that threatens to eradicate Neopia’s existence.

But wait! A glimmer of hope appears. Nyx, an Aisha trapped on the other side of the rift, was able to survive the unforgiving enigma with the help of her trusty Faellie companion. Now, they may have found a way to escape, but a chilling question hangs heavy: even if they break free, will Neopia still be there for them to return to?

Their adventure takes them across Neopia, from the rolling meadows of Meridell to bustling streets of Neopia Central… and well, I can’t tell you everything yet (mostly bc TNT Aesop is watching).

An interesting cache of new items has taken over the NC Mall. In addition, team up with new faces to vanquish the villainous forces threatening Neopia!
Got questions unanswered? Check out our The Void Within FAQ here:

We’re also doing a giveaway! Enter here: for a chance to win up to 7,500 NeoCash.

The Void Within has now begun. Will our heroes be able to restore colour to Neopia? 🌌
From social media – June 17th, 2024 at 10 AM NST.
Posted by toe_bob on 17th of June 2024 at 12:11 AM NST

Oh the humanity! The grey curse has swept across Meridell, turning it dull and making the King sad. Today is the day where Neopia changes forever. We're not sure what the bleak future holds, but we'll be working to document everything in our "The Void Within" coverage guide.


Posted by toe_bob on 6th of June 2024 at 12:35 AM NST

Oh dear, the Money Tree seems to be the latest victim of this wretched grey curse! The Money Tree has helped so many Neopians over the years; perhaps we should have been more grateful for all the assistance we've received or offered some gifts to one of Neopia's greatest benefactors. If you're wondering why the Money Tree no longer smiles, please check out SunnyNeo's The Void Within plot coverage guide. 🫡


"Take my money, Neopian, and go buy some food.
Feed your pets, and they will be happy."

So the Neopian gathered some Neopoints and carried them away.

And the tree was happy sad.

Posted by toe_bob on 3rd of June 2024 at 11:14 AM NST

UPDATE: The board is now active and listed at the very top in the "Announcements" section.

UPDATE:  It appears that TNT temporarily removed the board for now, it might reappear again later to resolve some issues or when the plot officially launches.

As we approach the plot kickoff on June 17th, TNT has created a brand new board dedicated to the plot! The Void Within Board (or Board 58) is listed under the "General" "Announcements" section with the description: "Anything and everything about The Void Within Plot! Share feedback, strategies, and theorize."

Currently, this board appears to be inactive and you are unable to post in it. Attempting to post results in an error message stating that the board doesn't exist. Additionally, this board isn't listed on the unconverted Neoboards.


For more information about this plot, feel free to checkout SunnyNeo's The Void Within coverage guide!

We have received more disturbing news: Miles, the keeper of the Wheel of Knowledge, has turned grey! In addition, be on the lookout as there are a few new grey-themed prizes that can be achieved by the Wheel of Knowledge. 


If you're feeling gloomy or confused by this unsettling change, please visit SunnyNeo’s The Void Within plot coverage guide for more information.

Posted by toe_bob on 29th of May 2024 at 02:00 PM NST

UPDATE: The livestream has concluded and we've released our coverage guide! TNT Dom also mentioned that the plot will begin on June 17th, Altador Cup will begin in early July and will feature a new team: Dacardia! TNT Fallie also mentioned that the recent "Virtually Alive" avatar will be retired on June 15th, so if you haven't activate it yet make sure you do so!

TNT will be live today at 5PM PST on social media with their monthly livestream. This special Royal Edition live stream will be hosted by TNT Luna and will feature TNT Fallie and theamandafiles to discuss NC Pet styles & unreleased tokens, the recent avatar hunt, and other shenanigans! As always, we'll update this post with the YouTube link to join the live stream and post a coverage guide summarizing the event.

UPDATE: The livestream is now live!


Posted by toe_bob on 23rd of May 2024 at 10:00 AM NST

We've just received disturbing news: everyone's favorite, The Giant Omelette, has turned grey! Currently, we cannot confirm if this will affect the quality of the omelettes or cause them to taste stale.


If you're feeling gloomy or confused by this unsettling change, please visit SunnyNeo’s The Void Within plot coverage guide for more information.

Posted by toe_bob on 21st of May 2024 at 12:00 AM NST

The Lord Kass themed social media customisation contest has concluded. Congratulations to the winners!

Social Media Post: Warning: Some VERY suspicious Neopets have been spotted in Darigan Citadel! What could they be looking for?

Congratulations to the winners of the Lord Kass Customisation Contest! Based on your votes, three (shifty) pets not only successfully snuck into Darigan Citadel and found some very interesting information about a certain Eyrie, but they've won some awesome prizes too!

🏆 First Place: Carlos G I with a convincing Darigan Spy!
🥈 Second Prize: Rodrigo V S with the coolest Cybunny in existence
🥉 Third Prize: David E with a Dark Princess with a skill for finding information!

We will be reaching out to winners shortly! 😈

What do you make of these notes?


Attached to the social media post is an interesting "fugitive file" image, hinting that Lord Kass may be alive. Witnesses claim to have seen Lord Kass when he was defeated, with new reports claiming his blade was seen near an "unknown Aisha" (probably Nyx.) Checkout SunnyNeo's The Void Within coverage guide for more details!

Image Transcription: Fugitive File: Lord Kass
Lord Kass was last seen during the attack on Meridell. Witnesses report he fled the scene. Abandoning both his blade and failed coup after a defeat at the hands of Lord Darigan.
There have been testimonials claiming he was destroyed at the hands of three hooded figures when he attempted to flee. This is unconfirmed.
Last known signs of Lord Kass remain at the sight of his disappearance where purple feathers beside a pile of ash. However, other testimonials stated that Trithduril disappeared without a trace from the battlefield where Lord Kass deserted it. Still unclear.
New reports have surfaced, where witnesses to strange visions are adamant they spotted the tainted blade in an undisclosed location alongside an unnown Aisha. We are investigating the possibility that Lord Kass survived and absconded elsewhere.

Posted by toe_bob on 18th of May 2024 at 05:00 PM NST

....WHAT IS HAPPENING?? Why are shop keepers turning grey? Do you see the weird void bubbles in the sky? Something strange is happening around Neopia and it's only a matter of time before pandemonium sweeps across the lands!

We're excited to finally release our The Void Within Coverage Guide, highlighting the timeline of events, teasers, social media posts and more! We'll continue to maintain our coverage guide to include the latest findings as the plot progresses. Just for fun, we're maintaining a page hosting some of our theories. If you'd like your crazy and unhinged theories listed, reach out and we'll give you credit!

Stay tuned for brand new plot-related lookups and graphics to be released soon! :D


It's okay my friendly Faellie, SunnyNeo will guide us to our safety!

Posted by toe_bob on 27th of March 2024 at 04:48 PM NST

Neopets' livestream, covering Neopia's latest plot, The Void Within, is now live on YouTube! Don't miss out on the exclusive item giveaway! We're hoping to see a lot of interesting sneak peaks for this upcoming plot. After the livestream is completed, we'll update our livestream coverage guide with the highlights.

If you've been hiding under a rock and didn't hear the good news, NeoPass officially launched yesterday, allowing you to link all your accounts into one single and centralized account. We're almost done our NeoPass guide and will be releasing that soon, allowing you to see how it looks and works.

As well, new NC Pet Styles are available, Jelly, Maraquan, Baby, and Plushie! Sadly the Faerie, Grey and Darigan styles are no longer available but we're hoping to see them again in the future. If you'd like to help SunnyNeo, we're looking for pet previews for these new styles to include in our Rainbow Pool and our Wearables HQ. Simply equip the style token onto your pet, remove any cosmetic items, and visit our pet modeller. Your contributions are greatly appreciated by the community and SunnyNeo!!


UPDATE! Our livestream coverage guide is now live with appropriate timecodes in the recorded YouTube video. We've also hidden any plot spoilers if you only want to see the Q&A highlights with TNT Dom.