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This is our timeline of events relating to and building up to the plot. If you believe we've missed something, feel free to contact us or Neomail toe_bob!

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  • Festival of Neggs: Void Items April 2021

    The Festival of Neggs in 2021 featured an interesting Void Negg with 3 potential prizes players could get. This negg was re-released during the March 2024 livestream and has been featured in a social media post.

    Navigating the VoidView Details

    Description: This ancient tome was created by an inquisitive warlock who developed portals that allowed him to travel between worlds...

    One of the prizes for picking the Void Negg.

    Void BladeView Details

    Description: The darkness swirling around this sword may just obscure your foes vision...

    One of the prizes for picking the Void Negg.

    Void NeggView Details

    Description: Avoid looking directly into the centre of this negg at all costs, lest the void devour what makes you whole... This was given out as a prize for the Y23 Festival of Neggs.

    This was a bonus item for collecting all of the neggs!

  • Editorial: Development July 29th, 2022

    In the 965th issue of the Neopian Times, Aesop mentioned they writing team completed most of the storyline and the first chapters would be released in 2023. The main takeaway here: "I can say that the next plot will be a heartfelt tale involving a certain faerie long overdue for a resolution" — which might refer to the Grey Faerie.

    Hey TNT! I really wanted to know, where would you say your guys' priorities are at for the coming one to two years? For example I'm so excited for a potential new plot, I've been training my pet in advance as well for it! But there's also a lot of site upkeep to be done. Where will your focus be, and any news you could give us on upcoming plots or features? ~~christiaan258

    Hey there! After many meetings and discussions, we are hard at work with updates to the future events in Neopia to make for the best experience. We also have our work carved out for the Battledome that we want to address and the work on making UC Paintbrushes as perfect as possible. Thank you for your patience! ~~Yarner

    As for the plot, our narrative team has already mapped out most of the storyline, and we are tentatively aiming for the release of the first chapters next year. Once we get through some of the upcoming events such as the Faerie Festival and Advent Calendar, we will likely start having some of the other disciplines join us in working on the plot! Although I don't want to give too much away, I can say that the next plot will be a heartfelt tale involving a certain faerie long overdue for a resolution... ~~Aesop

    Question #11,833, archived from Editorial Issue 965 · Published 2022-07-29

  • Festival of Neggs April 2023

    The Festival of Neggs in 2023 was held on the Virtupets Space Station because Mira (the Space Faerie) found a strange Negg-like object in deep space. Mira’s friends at Virtupets Station developed a special containment chamber to safely store the object while they investigate. Dr Landelbrot was brought in to help, but his instruments were unable to deliver accurate or helpful readings on this unknown object, aside from the traces of anti-matter given off. Magon tried to also help and believed these foreign objects were dangerous “Giant Space Fungus Spores.”

    Orion O. Ophiuchus, a fan of Mira and has a family legacy of harnessing tarot cards and their powers, arrived to give a second opinion. Orion used his tarot cards to study the strange object without directly interacting with it and believed it was alive.

    Mira theorized there was some magic on the object to protect it until conditions were safe enough for it to awaken. Dr. Landelbrot developed a new containment chamber to allow them to test the object under different conditions to protect Neopia. After Mira increased the gravitational strength inside the chamber, the object opened to reveal a new Petpet: Bython.

    Shortly before leaving, Mira mentioned Illusen wanted to talk about Neopia’s potential pollution problem.

  • A New Era for Neopets! July 17th, 2023

    The video A New Era for Neopets! was uploaded on YouTube, briefly highlighting Neopets' past and current state along with teasers for future plans. At the end of the video they teased a silhouette of Nyx and the plot's name: The Void Within.

  • Faerie Festival October 19th, 2023

    Fyora needs help from Illusen and Jhudora to create a Faerie Festival this year. Both Illusen and Jhudora have a different idea of what the Faerie Festival should look like and create their own festival with their own invitations and prizes. Both festivals have a theme of recycling (a Charity Corner component to the event). The more you recycle, or donate, your items, the more points you earn for exclusive festival prizes.

    Suddenly, Earth and Water Faeries, including Illusen, have been beginning to become weak. Both Jhudora and Illusen realize that their air is polluted with obsidian fuel and they visit Moltara's Magnanimous Obsidian Magnate, or CEO, Monty McTaggart. The faeries forcefully request that he stop the pollution from the Obsidian Quarry from the City of Moltara. Though, Jhudora had done some digging on Monty McTaggart and it didn't add up correctly that Monty McTaggart had gone bankrupt in Y15 and now had the means to buy out the Obsidian Quarry.

    After an exclusive one on one with Jhudora, Monty McTaggart shared the name Malkus Vile as a secret investor. After some continued digging, they found Malkus Vile in the Deep Catacombs below Neopia Central, hiding out in Collectible Coins. Malkus Vile shared that he owns the Moltara Obsidian Company and Monty McTaggart, too. After Jhudora does another exclusive one on one "conversation", Malkus Vile shares that weakening the Water and Earth Faeries and bottling them up was a part of the plan and it came from someone above him.

    Meanwhile, Illusen is feeling weaker and takes a small break to sit out on the recycling. As she is catching her breath, a reoccurring villain, Balthazar, appears. Balthazar bottles up Illusen knowing that he would get top dollar for her to Malkus Vile. Though a thought occurred to Balthazar to just rid of Illusen altogether. Luckily, Jhudora appeared and with her magic, slammed Balthazar unconscious.

    Fyora reappears and is grateful for both Illusen and Jhudora for working together to help root out the corruption in Neopia. Both Balthazar and Malkus Vile are detained. Before Malkus Vile leaves, Jhudora questions who was above him giving the orders. Malkus Vile doesn't share any information. However, the following comic appears, ending the Faerie Festival.

  • Vira's Trick-or-Treat Bag October 2023

    For Halloween in 2023 there was a Vira Trick-or-Treat Bag, when you found this bag an interesting transcript from a book appeared in the popup. It describes a bit of Vira's backstory and how happy she used to be and that others used to admire her, however, she was cursed and became ugly causing her heart to turn bitter and violent. An ominous message, claiming that "If you were to survive the coming terror, then do not impede the darkness coming in."

    Almost all of this book has turned grey. Bits and pieces of it seem to have the book's original colour, but even as you hold it the grey is ever so slowly creeping away at it, making it difficult to read most of the words printed on it.
    You want a scary story? I'll give you one.

    There once was a beautiful Acara. She was graceful, charming, and, of course, humble. When others looked upon her, they would shower her with admiration.

    "You're more beautiful than any flower I've ever seen."

    "You shine brighter than any star in the sky."

    "I would do anything for you."

    This Acara had it all—beauty, admiration, so she had happiness as well.

    She wanted for nought. Yet one day, a wish of hers was…misunderstood, and it all came crumbling down.

    A vile curse was laid upon her, and she became ugly, so ugly that her humble heart turned bitter.

    There was no way for her to get her beauty back or her happiness back, so she turned to violence.

    But the darkness that had turned her soon returned and made her a promise. She would be beautiful again, more beautiful than ever before if she listened.

    And so she did, and do you know what she learned? That the darkness can be too powerful, so there is no point in fighting it.

    She and the darkness made a deal that day, a deal that will soon come to fruition. So hear my words now.

    If you wish to survive the coming terror, then do not impede on the darkness creeping in. I am sure you will start to feel it. Some may already know its tight grip.

    There is so much more at play than what you think is about to happen. Let the dark take you in, or else you may regret it.

    You wanted a scary story, and oh, are you about to get one...
  • Editorial: Previous Plots? December 1st, 2023

    Aesop mentioned in the 997th issue of the Neopian Times that the upcoming plot (The Void Within) was scheduled for the next year and is the current focus. He mentioned that TNT is working on a way to replay previous plots. With the potential sci-fi theme (and time traveling neggs) this plot might eventually release a time-traveling mechanism to play older plots.

    Hello TnT :) I was just wondering if you think you guys would ever do a "return of an old plot" event? Like say, have a "time travel machine" that acts up all funky every few years when no new plots are active and allows players to participate in an old plot they may have missed or just really enjoyed. (you know- to same the timeline!) The most fun i ever had on Neopets was during the Tale of Woe and I often wish I could participate in that event again. Even if these plots no longer awarded points, i'd love to do them for the site themes and trophies. ~valerie608

    What a wonderful question! Presently, our team is focused on developing the upcoming plot scheduled for release next year. However, we have also begun internal discussions on potential ways we could bring back older plots so that users who missed out on them can experience these storylines onsite. So although it unfortunately won't be any time soon, we are hoping to bring replayable classic plots back to the site someday! ~~Aesop

    Question #12,250, archived from Editorial Issue 997 · Published 2023-12-01

  • Advent Calendar December 2023

    During the Advent Calendar in 2023, there was some dialog between Orion, Queen Fyora and Reina. Orion failed to stop the advent calendar and shared his visions, showing a bleak future. His visions showed Nyx, a blue Aisha, with her Faellie in deep space in serious danger on an unknown planet. They were heavily injured after being attacked by an unknown tentacle demon. Nyx's Faellie risked their life to save Nyx, allowing Nyx to somehow see her home in danger and turning grey.

  • Neopets Livestream December 13th, 2023

    During the December 2023 Livestream, TNT Aesop, the Narrative and Creative Director, hinted the plot would be "interesting when it comes to colour" and "the plot will take us to a new place we haven't been before."

  • Release Notes January 23rd, 2024

    When TNT released the NC Pet Styles and Styling Studio, they updated their Release Notes page and the What's Next section listed "A Void Within Plot" after Altador Cup.

  • Editorial: Battledome January 26th, 2024

    The 1,000th issue of the Neopian Times suggested the plot will have a battledome component and we have several months to prepare. TNT is planning on giving the Battledome a revamp to be more friendly and the plot will have non-battle components for players who don't like the Battledome. Aesop also mentioned the Faellie from Orion's visions are alive but in rough shape. As well, Orion's concerns were heard by other Neopians and have spread across Neopia, allowing various leaders to prepare for "unprecedented era of peace they've enjoyed coming to an end."

    Were we all present for Orion playing Lyre at the Advent Lodge? The way Reina said "We need to tell someone" suggests it was just her and Orion (and Fyora). But Orion showed up at Winter Starlight with this news, which suggests he probably had tourists and revelers and mountain/valley natives listening in. I'm just curious what "alert state" Neopia is on as far as the looming threat. Is it top secret, known to only Fyora's closest? Is it whispers in shadows? Sceptic Tank conspiracy theory? Trending news story? Or maybe widespread panic? Is anyone heeding Orion's order to start preparing for war? ~superkouza

    An excellent question! Several onlookers attending the Advent Calendar festivities were present for Orion's pleas for help over the course of the Festival, and a small crowd actually began to gather as he shared his visions. Although some Neopians dismissed the events, a few even claiming it was an elaborate hoax to promote his tarot cards, a sense of disquietude has already begun to creep across the globe. Whispers of impending peril have reached even the most remote corners of Neopia, and rumours circulate about the leaders of various lands preparing for the possibility of the unprecedented era of peace they've enjoyed coming to an end... ~~Aesop

    Question #12,277, archived from Editorial Issue 1,000 · Published 2024-01-26

    Hey TNT, thank you for the NCUC, now all our lab rats can look beautiful. Speaking of, with the upcoming plot, how hard should we train? Will those of us who have been training our pets for years and have a decent battledome set have a challenge?

    Although we are planning on ensuring that the Battledome is accessible to new users who are not as familiar with it, there’s a strong possibility that you will be facing off against some especially tough opponents who could give even the most seasoned Battledome veterans a run for their neopoints. And on the opposite end, we’ll also ensure that users who aren’t big fans of the Battledome still get something to do during the more battle-heavy sections of the plot! ~~TNT_Tumble

    Question #12,278, archived from Editorial Issue 1,000 · Published 2024-01-26

    Would you be able to give anymore information about the upcoming plot? ~nguyeplm

    Although we can’t share a specific date just yet, you can expect to have a few more months to prepare before the start of the plot. That being said, there might just be a few hints of what is to come popping up before the plot begins, so be sure to keep an eye out for them! Oh, and one last bit of plot info I wanted to touch upon- While our brave little Faellie friend from Orion's visions certainly is in bad shape, he's still holding on! I just hope he can get some help soon… ~~Aesop

    Question #12,280, archived from Editorial Issue 1,000 · Published 2024-01-26

  • Uni's Clothing March 18th, 2024

    On March 18th, Uni's Clothing mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Grooming Parlour March 21st, 2024

    On March 21st, Grooming Parlour mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Breadmaster March 26th, 2024

    On March 26th, Breadmaster mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • The Void Within Livestream March 27th, 2024

    In March 2024, a special livestream was held for the upcoming plot with the writing team. They revealed the plot was planned to be long, with at least 10 months of content, featuring minigames, activities and a possible tie-in with Tales of Dacardia. They hinted at three villains: Vira, the shadowed figure Vira was plotting with, and someone else. They revealed the Aisha featured in the Advent Calendar was the protagonist and named Nyx.

    TNT Aesop mentioned the plot had already started, kicked off with the Faerie Festival and shop keepers turning grey, unable to be painted back after being cursed with the grey colour after being drained out.

    TNT had also mentioned wanting to have the plot mirror a journey that many people encounter throughout their lives. They also hinted at Queen Fyora not knowing much about Orion’s Lyre, Nyx’s Petpet is in rough shape but still alive, and the owner of the sword being trapped in the same strange place that the characters were surviving in.

  • Hubert's Hot Dogs March 29th, 2024

    On March 29th, Hubert's Hot Dogs mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • The Neopian Neggery April 8th, 2024

    On April 8th, The Neopian Neggery and Kari mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Lord Kass Missing (Contest) April 10th, 2024

    A cryptic Facebook post was published on April 10th, with similar posts on other social media platforms linking to this Facebook customisation contest. The Facebook post mentioned that Lord Kass might be missing and that the Puzzle Hunters Club (a simultaneous social-media related hunt for a new avatar at the time) would take a break.

    While this might just be an innocent and creative contest but the fact that Lord Kass’ sword was seen in the advent calendar comics, and TNT hinting that whoever wielded this sword might be in the same place and in danger as Nyx.

    There’s strange things afoot in Neopia..
    The Puzzle Hunters Club are taking a quick pause from their avatar search to notice the.. Grey shades sweeping over some of their favourite Neopians! They’ve heard the ominous rumours of a certain sword being spotted in an odd place.. Very curious!
    At their suggestion, you’ve been asked to help them search for clues!
    Customise one (or more) of your pets in the best Darigan-themed look to infiltrate Lord Darigan’s chambers and look for any hints behind the mysterious whereabouts of Lord Kass.
    Theme: Sneak into Darigan Citadel
  • Meridell Poster April 12/17th, 2024

    On April 12th & 17th, a strange poster of Meridell was posted on the New Features and social media. There's some strange black drawings on top of the poster: the castle walls have many cracks, the castle entrance has strange shadowy-hands coming out of it, there are evil looking eyes in the sky, and a strange figure holding a sad balloon.

  • Darkest Faerie April 13th, 2024

    A suspicious social media post featuring a sketch of the Darkest Faerie, from the book of ages, was posted on social media. Hidden in the images reveals the phrase "Do you want to join the puzzle hunters club?" While this might be related to the concurrent avatar hunt, it is interesting to note that there was an unknown Dark Faerie in the Faerie Festival comic. We are not certain whether this is related to the plot or not.


    The caption of the post:

    💜 Trivia Time! ⭐

    Besides the Darkest Faerie, there has only ever been ONE other Faerie banished for practising dark magic.

    However, Faeries often help each other and form strong bonds, regardless of alignment.

    Can you name a Dark Faerie who is known for their good deeds? 🔧
  • Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop April 14th, 2024

    On April 14th, Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Grey Faerie's Diary April 15th, 2024

    An interesting social media post was posted on April 15th, asking if you’ve met the grey faerie with a picture of her diary. The diary’s transcription is as follows:

    Dear Diary,

    Long ago, I took on this form. My powers were taken, but I went on and continued. It’s not been easy, and I know that something irreplaceable was taken from me.

    Darkness lurks in my mind and makes my heart ache. I have met a new friend. Looking inside, gaining hopefully thoughts.

  • Grey Day: Festival of Neggs Announcement April 16th, 2024

    The Grey Day site news had announcement that the Festival of Neggs would still be hosted by Kari this year. However there were intentional missing letters in the message, the missing letters from the correct words would spell: TROPHY While this may be related to the concurrent avatar hunt, because it was posted on Grey Dey and relates to the festival, it could also be related to the plot. The highlighted words in red indicate the letters that are missing:

    Important Announcement: We know that many have been worried about Kari recently and what her change in appearance may mean for the Festival of Neggs. So we are here to inform you there's no need to fear because Kari will still be holding the event!!! She says that while her energy may be pretty low, it will take more than some strange curse to stop her passion!! The first day will take place in one week! So be sure to check in on April 22nd (4/22) to start participating in this year's festivities!
  • Brightvale Poster April 16/18th, 2024

    On April 16 & 18th, a strange poster of Brightvale was posted on the New Features and social media. There's some strange black drawings on top of the poster: the flags are black, there are cracks in the castle walls, there are black flowers in the pathway, the two flagpoles have a black flag with a paintbrush, and there's a yurble-like figure holding a sad balloon.

  • Neopia Central Poster April 18th, 2024

    On April 18th, a strange poster of Neopia Central was posted on the New Features and social media. There's some strange black drawings on top of the poster, the Food Shop is drooling, there's evil eyes and faces, the money tree appears evil, and there's a yurble-like figure holding a sad balloon.

  • Haunted Woods Poster April 20th, 2024

    On April 20th, a strange poster of Haunted Woods was posted on the New Features and social media. There's some strange black drawings on top of the poster, with some strange shadowy-figure with 4 eyes, outlines of flowers and a bone, a strange face with horns, and possibly a yurble holding a crying balloon.

  • Void Negg Trophy April 21st, 2024

    The day before the Festival of Neggs beginning, a social media post of orion holding 16 void neggs in the shape of a trophy. This void negg was a prize item in the 2021 Festival of Neggs and later given out during the plot livestream.

    What's this?! Something is definitely going on in Neopia.. 💫

    The Festival of Neggs is nearing closer, but what will be in store this year? Only time will tell!

    *cackles in TNT*

    Okay, fine!
    Tell us in the comments what you're looking forward to (or your theories) and some lucky Neopians might find themselves with some little negg-loving critters!

    Don't forget to include your usernames!
  • Festival of Neggs Begins April 22nd, 2024

    On April 22nd, the Festival of Neggs began with Kari being grey and Orion joining the festival.

  • Terror Mountain Poster April 23rd, 2024

    On April 23rd, a strange poster of Terror Mountain was posted on the New Features and social media. There's some strange black drawings on top of the poster, with some strange shadowy-figure with 4 eyes, a lantern on the ground, a pair of fingers on the top right, and possibly a yurble holding a sad balloon.

  • Neopian National Bank April 26th, 2024

    On April 26th, The Neopian National Bank mysteriously turned grey!

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:


    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Orion Joins the Festival of Neggs April 26th, 2024

    On April 26th, Orion was asked by Mira (the Space Faerie) to join and help Kari with the Festival of Neggs. Orion stated his visions and dreams ended after the Advent Calendar.

  • Orion Leaves for Moltara April 29th, 2024

    On April 29th, Orion tells Kari he had a strong dark dream and went to Moltara to investigate.

  • Orion Returns from Moltara April 30th, 2024

    On April 30th, Orion returned from Moltara and updated Kari. He played his Lyre and there was a large quake in the city and had more visions. These visions were scrambled that he can't make out any sense from them, but he's able to see small fragments from around Neopia. He asks Kari to have the festival-goers help by keeping an eye out for any strangeness throughout Neopia.

    In several places, an odd tentacle and paw was visible on the side of the screen, clicking on this image would alert Orion about the discovery. The image file names: petpet_tail.png and petpet_foot.png suggests the creature may be a Petpet.

  • Orion's 8 Vision Fragments April 30th–May 6th, 2024

    During the Festival of Neggs, Orion had several vision fragments that made no sense. He asked Neopians to report any strange anomalies to him. There were 8 strange observations of a brown tentacle and claw/paw in several shops.

    Orion tells us that the strange thing we saw was some creature, disappearing before we got close. He reassures us this creature is connected to his visions, and each time it’s chased away, his visions dwindle, as if it’s being chased away for good. He believes that this creature appears in warm places, usually with food, and may be lost.

  • Orion Is Neopia's Best Hope May 3rd, 2024

    Orion checks in on Kari during the Festival of Neggs. Kari shares her concerns for Neopia and its citizens because citizens are randomly affected by the curse and turning grey. Kari reveals that nothing seems to help these citizens and that Orion might be Neopia’s best hope for help.

  • Orion's Power Realization May 5th, 2024

    After the fifth place was discovered, Orion reflected on Kari’s kind words that she believed in his abilities. Orion shares his revelations that his tarot cards didn’t help him to obtain more information about the Lyre or his visions. However, Orion mentioned his tarot cards gain more power and his visions are stronger whenever there are large gatherings of Neopians.

  • Returning to Moltara May 8th, 2024

    Orion played his Lyre once again to intensify his original vision and saw it being next to a very tall building. Visiting Moltara City, Obsidian Mining Company, belonging to Monty McTaggart, appeared on the map. When you clicked on this building a strange new Petpet by the name of Tuffala appeared. This Petpet is a dark-orange creature, with a large head, two small paws and a long tail. You can view more details on SunnyNeo’s Festival of Neggs guide.

    Orion is unsure how old this Petpet is, possibly being trapped below the surface until we discovered it. Orion theorized the cave she was living in became structurally unsound and broken open, allowing lava to enter the cave because of the construction of the building. He also theorized that this Petpet thrives off lava, possibly how it could travel to quickly to find food. Kari notices the Petpet has spikes on her back, looking like a musical cylinder that music boxes use to play songs but Orion does not know what device could play this.

    It is interesting to note that Orion was introduced during the Festival of Neggs in 2023 and helped discover another new Petpet, the Bython. Monty and his mining company was also essential to the storyline during the Faerie Festival in 2023 as well.
  • Festival of Neggs Ends May 8th, 2024

    The Festival of Neggs concluded on May 8th, 2024.

  • Coltzan's Shrine May 9th, 2024

    On May 9th, Coltzan's Shrine mysteriously turned grey. The image always shows Coltzan smiling and unaffected, only the shrine is grey. This could suggest that deities, spirits or dead characters are not affected by this curse.

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Altador Poster May 14th, 2024

    The posters resumed on May 14th, more than a week since the Festival of Neggs concluded. This poster is related to Altador and features smoke rising out of the buldings and strange shadowy-figures on the stairs. The poster also features a close up of the yurble and their angry balloon.

  • TDMBGPOP May 16th, 2024

    On May 16th, The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity was infected by the grey curse. The poor grundo, who knew he could become even more sad. :(

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Lord Kass Customisation Contest & Hints May 20th, 2024

    The social media customisation contest concluded and featured an interesting image with text claiming that Lord Kass may still be alive!

    Image Transcription: Fugitive File: Lord Kass
    Lord Kass was last seen during the attack on Meridell. Witnesses report he fled the scene. Abandoning both his blade and failed coup after a defeat at the hands of Lord Darigan.
    There have been testimonials claiming he was destroyed at the hands of three hooded figures when he attempted to flee. This is unconfirmed.
    Last known signs of Lord Kass remain at the sight of his disappearance where purple feathers beside a pile of ash. However, other testimonials stated that Trithduril disappeared without a trace from the battlefield where Lord Kass deserted it. Still unclear.
    New reports have surfaced, where witnesses to strange visions are adamant they spotted the tainted blade in an undisclosed location alongside an unnown Aisha. We are investigating the possibility that Lord Kass survived and absconded elsewhere.
    Social Media Post: Warning: Some VERY suspicious Neopets have been spotted in Darigan Citadel! What could they be looking for?

    Congratulations to the winners of the Lord Kass Customisation Contest! Based on your votes, three (shifty) pets not only successfully snuck into Darigan Citadel and found some very interesting information about a certain Eyrie, but they've won some awesome prizes too!

    🏆 First Place: Carlos G I with a convincing Darigan Spy!
    🥈 Second Prize: Rodrigo V S with the coolest Cybunny in existence
    🥉 Third Prize: David E with a Dark Princess with a skill for finding information!

    We will be reaching out to winners shortly! 😈

    What do you make of these notes?
  • The Giant Omelette May 23rd, 2024

    On May 23rd, The Giant Omelette mysteriously turned grey and stale. It is unknown whether or not the quality of the Omelettes will decline but it is interesting to note that even FOOD is affected by the curse. Based on the previous observations of living Neopian characters turning grey, could this imply that the Giant Omelette is sentient, or can the curse affect non-living objects?

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • Royal Edition Neopets Livestream May 29th, 2024

    During the Royal Edition livestream in May, TNT Dom mentioned that the plot would begin on June 17th. The Battledome will have many fixes in anticipation for a Battledome component later in the plot. Altador Cup will also start during the first week (or early) July 2024, which was delayed to coincide with the plot. There will also be a new team, Dacardia, and many balancing for Altador Cup!

  • The Wheel of Knowledge May 30th, 2024

    On May 30th, The Wheel of Knowledge's background and NPC both turned grey, but the wheel itself remains unharmed. UPDATE: Apparently there are good and bad poses based on the prize you receive. However, there is a bug in the Wheel's Javascript code. If you receive a respin the character's image will reset to the normal non-grey image and affects all prizes afterwards. If you don't receive a respin, then you'll see the appropriate grey pose.

    Default Pose:
    Received a Good Prize:
    Received a Bad Prize:

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:

  • New Neoboard! June 3rd, 2024

    As we approach the plot kickoff on June 17th, TNT has created a brand new board dedicated to the plot! The Void Within Board (or Board 58) is listed under the "General" "Announcements" section with the description: "Anything and everything about The Void Within Plot! Share feedback, strategies, and theorize."

    Currently, this board appears to be inactive and you are unable to post in it. Attempting to post results in an error message stating that the board doesn't exist. Additionally, this board isn't listed on the unconverted Neoboards.

    The board was temporarily available for a few hours but you could not post any messages in it. It disappeared for a few hours, then TNT moved the board to the "Announcements" section and activated it for conversation.

    This is the first full-coloured preview of the mysterious paint brush that was featured in previous comics:

  • The Money Tree June 6th, 2024

    The Money Tree, the friendly tree who gave gifts and donated items to many Neopians in need, had turned grey on June 6th, how heart breaking. This grey curse keeps on spreading, did you ever thank the money tree for all that they've done?

    Based on all the shop keepers and characters turning grey, most of them appear to be common dailies and places Neopians frequently visit.

    Click on the image and drag left or right to see the difference between the two images:


    There are several items that randomly appear in the Money Tree, and are donated by a Mysterious Yurble, which could be the same Yurble featured in the posters.

    Here are some of the new items we've seen at the Money Tree:

    The Void Within: Money Tree ItemsItems donated by the "Mysterious Yurble" that appear at the Money Tree
    Can you even buy anything with these? Grey Bag of NP
    Can you even buy anything with these?
    Will this plushie bring bad fortune...? Grey Money Tree Plushie
    Will this plushie bring bad fortune...?
    Scamanders are shy little creatures that are occasionally seen scuttling across the desert. Grey Scamander
    Scamanders are shy little creatures that are occasionally seen scuttling across the desert.
    This is worse than what these branches look like in even the harshest winters... Grey Wilted Money Tree Branch
    This is worse than what these branches look like in even the harshest winters...
  • Trudy's Surprise June 13th, 2024

    With a few days remaining before the plot officially begins, everyone's favourite money maker, Trudy's Surprise, turned slightly grey.

  • Trouble Afoot June 11th, 2024

    Another social media post showcasing a smiling Nyx, happy to be turning purple in deep space. We also get a preview of the logo of the plot and a larger preview of the mysterious paint brush.

    Social Media Post: Have you heard? There’s trouble afoot in Neopia! 🌌

    Strange things are happenin’ across the land.. and a mysterious Aisha from beyond space seems to be at the centre of it all! ☄️

    Are you ready for the new plot?

    Visit us and share your theories!
  • Nyx June 13th, 2024

    A new social media post showing Nyx and her friendly petpet. They're both unharmed and not wearing their space suits, which could suggest what we've seen previously in the comics is just foreshadowing of future events. They appear to be in a space ship, possibly on Virtupets.

    Social Media Post: 🚀 NYX 🌌

    Make assumptions about my.. err, our character. 😉

    The Void Within is SO CLOSE! Time to take a look at our new faces.

    Tag a friend and drop your username, and funniest (or most accurate) answers could stand a chance to win some very fun on-site prizes!
  • THE PLOT WILL BEGIN!!!!!!! Around June 17th, 2024

    From the Royal Edition livestream in May, TNT Dom hinted that the plot WILL BEGIN around June 17th! There will be a bit of a gap between the start of the plot and Altador Cup!

  • MERIDELL TURNS GREY!! June 17th, 2024 - 12 AM NST

    They grey curse had struck Meridell! The Grumpy King is grey, who knows if he's capable of laughter anymore, his castle dull without colour. Things are about to get chaotic very soon! Only King Skarl, Meridell Castle and Meridell are affected by the curse. The other Meridell shopkeeprs, Darigan Citadel and Meri Acres Farm are unharmed (...for now?)


    The updated text on King Skarl's page:

    King Skarl is not happy. (Would you be happy if everything in your kingdom turned dismal and grey overnight?)
    Why don't you try cheering him up? Tell him a joke using the options below. If he likes it, you may get a faboo prize. *Ooohhh* If he doesn't like it... who knows what will happen. He's been an angry sort of fellow lately.
  • Faerieland Poster June 17th, 2024

    A strange destroyed Faerieland poster was shared on social media. This poster does not feature the Yurble that was seen on previous posters. What's interesting is there are two posters of Faerieland, on the bottom appears to be the old Faerieland when it was still in the sky, with another poster of the destroyed Faerieland on the ground. During The Faerie's Ruin plot, Faerieland crashed into the ground, so this poster may foreshadow future events that continue that storyline.

    Social Media Post: Pining for a whimsical weekend? Why not unwind in charming Faerieland? Feel your worries melt away as you enter Queen Fyora's magical domain where verdant valleys, floating clouds, and shimmering waters paint the ethereal landscape.
  • The Plot Begins! June 17th, 2024 - 10 AM NST

    The plot has started! When you visited the homepage you would see a popup announcing the plot is live.

    The popup brings you to the new plot homepage. The first chapter in the story was released and featured Tormund, Jeran, and Lisha. Jeran is worried while staring at his sword, Tormund is writing a letter to Roberta, and Lisha appears concerned reading a book.

  • Altador Cup: Coming Soon Early July, 2024

    Orion noticed his visions intensified during large Neopian gatherings and TNT hinted at paying attention to this festival and the upcoming Altador Cup. This yearly competition will begin soon, so we can expect further development during this event.

    UPDATE: From the Royal Edition livestream in May, TNT Dom mentioned that the Altador Cup will begin in early July, and we might see Dacardia as a new team!

  • To be continued....