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Posted by berry02 on 7th of June 2011 at 10:25 AM NST
The Altador Cup Staff Tournament avatar has been re-released! The TNT Staff Tournament has started! Be sure to head on over and pick your team! Our TNT Staff Tournament guide will be updated soon. But look at previous years results to inspire your picks!
Edit: Our TNT Staff guide is available! Check it out and stay tuned for the next standings!

Battle of the worlds


Also, Habitarium seems to be broken at the moment. It is not working properly for many people. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon.
Edit: Habitarium is running again, but you cannot view your friends list at the bottom.

I don't wanna be in a jar!

*Alert* It seems several areas on the Neopets site are experiencing glitches, including transferring pets. In some cases, pets have been sent to the pound instead. Oh no! Best to wait moving pets around until these problems are fixed.
Update: Transfers are working properly now.

And... 3 new userlookups for you to enjoy! Baby Neopets, AC All-Star, and a New Faerieland Altador Cup one! Be sure to visit our AC graphics page to help support your team! And stay tuned! More graphics of all kinds are coming!