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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 8th of June 2011 at 01:43 AM NST
It's like the Month of Celebrating in summer! We present to you the report for Day 7 (June 7th) of the Altador Cup. Hooray! There are three clean sweeps to mention today, what a treat! Except for those who got swept, in which case it's probably not so much as a treat than something else the Techo Super-Fan can yell about. Keep trying! It's only Day 8 after all.

Yesterday Team Kreludor challenged Team Brightvale to a game of Zurroball. After that inconclusive match they actually turned their attention to the Altador Cup and locked in an epic battle of quills and lasers! The Lunar Squad had the advantage, though, and claimed four wins. King Hagan had this to say; "Go away! I'm busy." Not the most enlightening of comments, but Forward player Reb Weemelott said, "You think you know how someone will act on the field... then they turn around a lob a Clockwork Yooyu into your face. That wasn't very nice of them." Reb was uninjured but Qlydae Wegg from Kreludor issued an apology. "I swear, I did not AIM for the head. It just ended up in that direction."

The next sweep of the day went to Team Tyrannia who weren't stopping for anyone! Team Altador could not rock the house, no matter how much of a light show they put on for the fans. Lyvon Cibaire from Altador said, "We had a fantastic strategy! How did it fail? I think we need to change our diets or something, that might help." Harlis Neyhbol on Team Tyrannia smirked. "No one knows this until now, but I'm an EXPERT at catching Mutant Yooyus. Lucky for me, there were three in this match."

Ninjas normally work well under the cover of darkness, but Darigan's minions had a way of preventing this. It resulted in the third clean sweep that day. "Like with Roo Island the day before, we noticed certain patterns in our opponents' behaviour on the pitch. We just had to be one step ahead of them and we were generally able to avoid them getting the Yooyu," Tandrak Shaye from Team Darigan Citadel explained wisely. "It's a gift," he added smugly. Foltaggio of Team Shenkuu addded, "Part of the reason why we failed was because we lost to Maraqua the day before. That and the Darigans are very strong this year. The match was intense."

Team Moltara couldn't keep up with Team Roo Island as they dominated Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. "I couldn't see which way they were going!" A frantic Aldric Beign exclaimed in reaction to the match. "They were everywhere! And the BELLS... They will give me nightmares." At least Aldric could be assured that Team Moltara won Make Some Noise. "I may be old," Clutch Billaban of the Rooligans stated, "but even I could hear the difference in crowd noise. Moltara definitely won that one."

Sloth's favourite squad went up against last year's champions and came away with transparent wins in Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Weldar Xupenfarb from Team Virtupets had this to say, "If they can't stand the fire, they shouldn't have started it in the first place." (I think you got your metaphor wrong, Weldar!) Team Lost Desert were able to scramble a draw in Slushie Slinger but it was a far from desirable result. "Maybe we shouldn't have gotten rid of Lamelle..." Captain Leera Heggle mused in light of his player transfer at the start of this season.

Team Krawk Island got frost bite yesterday when Team Terror Mountain dumped them into the sea with wins in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Not ones to go down without a fight, Team Krawk Island stole the most valuable win (Yooyuball) and parried a draw in Shootout Showdown. "I reckon if ol' Dash were 'ere, he'd have forced somethin' one way or another to get us another win," Captain Garven Hale wondered over some grog. "Oh well, they put up a good fight." Captain Prytariel of Terror Mountain could only smile at the result. "Our fans are performing extraordinarily! We couldn't be prouder."

Team Faerieland had one heck of a match to play against Team Kiko Lake, as it was almost a full set of draws across the board except for in Shootout Showdown where Meela Kitah had the stronger forearm. "That was one of the closest matches we have EVER played!" Ciona Broan of Faerieland exclaimed in shock. "It was really quite amazing."  Team Kiko Lake were too busy partying to send us a comment. Ah well, they deserve to have some fun after that struggle!

Team Maraqua wasn't too happy about a draw in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown against Team Haunted Woods yesterday (well, primarily Elon is the one who was upset over the results) but the fans carried the subterranean squad to victory with wins in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. "AGHFJK!" Captain Elon Hughlis exclaimed in a garbled mess of complaints. "How did we DRAW against THEM?!" Zo Junior of Team Haunted Woods could only chuckle in response. "Heh-heh. It's really entertaining when Elon throws a strop. I hope we can pull more of an upset next time we face Maraqua!"

Illusen: Oh hello! I'm Illusen, you may still have some quests to do for me. Meet me in Meridell later and I'll see what else I need. Today I will be speaking about the Team Meridell versus Team Mystery Island match. *Claps* Oh how fun! Well, my favourite team won Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. Make Some Noise was too hard to declare, so the Referee deemed that a sraw. I have to say, after sitting here in the Colosseum, I really do miss my Glade. It was nice and peaceful and this is like a wall of sound! Jhudora would just say I'm being a wimp, but I like to sit down in the quiet with a nice book. I've actually just started reading Four Leaf Clovers - Fact or Fiction?, it is quite fascinating! Anyway, I must be going! Quests to give out and petpets to care for, you know the drill. See you in Meridell! *Poofs out*

That's it for our report on Day 7 of the tourney, but keep checking back for other news updates :). Next in the VIP Booth is King Altador himself! He's finally found time in his busy schedule to give an overview of one of his team's matches. How grand!

This report has been brought to you by SunnyNeo's Customisation Spotlight. Mirror, mirror on the wall... who's the star of Yooyuball?