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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 9th of June 2011 at 06:00 AM NST
Four clean sweeps can be announced from Day 8 (June 8th) of the Altador Cup. The Petpet Protections League (PPL) stresses that Clockwork Yooyus, although a newer breed of the petpet, do have a more volatile explosion, but they are still unharmed. The PPL does not meddle in the welfare of Yooyuballers and can only say that it's part of the thrill of Yooyuball to risk being blown halfway across the pitch by Clockwork Yooyus. Injuries have been on the rise ever since they were introduced this year with bigger explosions.

Team Terror Mountain needed no sugar to boost their energy in their match against Team Roo Island yesterday as they swept all of the games. "The problem here is that the Rooligans didn't take into account that we can recover faster from being frozen in ice than they can," Rinok from Terror Mountain explained. Jair Tollet of Roo Island sighed. "All these power-ups are exhausting! Ever been through Supersize to being frozen in quick succession? It really alters your performance on the pitch."

Team Maraqua had another sweep, but this time it was against Team Lost Desert. "Can someone please put a cork in Elon's mouth?" Captain Leera Heggle of LD complained, glaring at the Maraquan Captain. "He's been boasting or complaining for a whole week, it's getting unbearable." Elon was too elated to take notice of Leera and commenced his victory dance. "Oh yeah! I made the Desert swim with the fishes!"

Team Kreludor had a similar story to boast as they made Team Krawk Island eat their moon dust. "I'm liking these results were getting," Captain Derlyn Fonnet of Kreludor smiled, signing some autographs for her fans. "I can see celebrations going on for the next few days on Kreludor." Captain Garven Hale of Team Krawk Island was not going to let this get him down. "Nyeh... Maybe we shouldn't have stolen that gold from Geraptiku last season. I'm startin' t'believe it was cursed."

The final sweep went to Team Tyrannia who played Ugga Smash with Team Mystery Island's heads. "We won. Coconuts go bye-bye. Tyrannia is supreme!" Captain Loryche cheered, rocking out to some tunes from Sticks N Stones. Bertie Shurtz of Team Mystery Island looked unhappy. "You know, something tells me that this year will involve a lot of hard work to get into the Top Tier. I still can't catch those Fire Yooyus fast enough."

Team Darigan Citadel almost boasted a sweep, except for the fact that Team Moltara had been training extra hard in Slushie Slinger to force a Draw in the results. "Our Slushie Slinging Waitress has been practicing very hard during the off-season. She's only just getting warmed up!" Captain Aldric Beign of Moltara said with a wide grin. Tandrak Shaye of DC stated later on that he would have preferred to have another clean sweep.

The knights of Team Meridell was another team that just missed out on a clean sweep against Team Faerieland. "The Faeries are able to keep their heads above the water by really focusing on one or two games specifically. They drew against us in Shootout Showdown, but that's okay," Fiorina said happily, congratulating Fyora's Fighters. Delma Harrence of Team Faerieland punched the air elatedly. "Maybe we can managed to get much higher up the ranks this year if we really try."

Team Haunted Woods caused Team Shenkuu another upset by almost sweeping them yesterday. All three support games went to the Spooky Squad, leaving Shenkuu a slither of light with a Draw in Yooyuball. "AAAWWWOOOO!" Captain Krell Vitor of the Woods howled in delight. "Now that was a good match!" Captain Mirsha Grelinek of Shenkuu addressed her teams' fans; "All hope is not lost. I am so proud of you for remaining strong. The Cyodrake's Gaze crew never stopped looking for Hoban, and we shall not give up in the tournament. We will not be broken!"

Team Kiko Lake took Team Brightvale by surprise by winning all of the support games. "Kavi's speech the other day inspired us to keep on going and we did it! We got a support game sweep!" The scholars were able to hold their heads high with a victory in Yooyuball. "We weren't worried," Montecito from Brightvale said with a shifty look. "Nah, seriously, Yooyuball is the best type of win if we had to defeat our opponents in only one game."

King Altador: Greetings, loyal Altador Cup fans! *Waves regally* Of course I need no introduction but I am just dropping by to check on proceedings. I am going to leave some comments about the Team Altador versus Team Virtupets match. Now, I see no problems with Team Virtupets having robots on their squad, but some guidelines must be laid down. It is not okay for said robots to use a speed boost without a power-up. That is not the equivalent of running, it is an unfair advantage, but I am sure Captain Deile is sorting that out as we speak because she is a charming young Cybunny. Hmm, according to the scorekeeper, Team Virtupets won Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Yes, that all seems in order, it was a clear win for the Space Station. My team's Slushie Slinging waitress deserves a pay rise after winning Slushie Slinger, though. Good show! If Team Altador is able to keep out of the Consolation Bracket this year, I might just consider giving them an extra week's holiday in the off-season this year. Good deeds will be rewarded. Anyway, I must be going. I can't seem to find that Darkest Faerie statue since Faerieland crashed a short while ago. Continue to enjoy the tournament, loyal fans!

In the VIP Booth next time is King Roo. We did say that it was okay for him to bring along some sweets to chew on during the match.

This report has been brought to you by SunnyNeo's Make Some Noise guide. GL, everyone! And GL a thousand times if those happen to be your letters during the game.