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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 7th of June 2011 at 03:15 AM NST
Smile for the cameras because the press has arrived! Here's the report for Day 6 (June 6th) of the Altador Cup. Get those support banners waving because we have a whopping FOUR CLEAN SWEEPS to report about today! *le gasp*

The first sweep of the day goes to Team Maraqua who sent a tidal wave over the Shenkuu mountains, causing Team Shenkuu a disappointing defeat. "The Maraquans won fair and square," goalkeeper Xana DiLanche commented, still shaking after the bombardment of Fire Yooyus she had to deal with yesterday. "They put on a wonderful show." Naturally Captain Elon Hughlis claimed the spotlight once again to boast his team's success. "Who's got ninja skills? Coz they ain't." Yep, that sounds like the Elon we all love and hate, doesn't it?

Old rivals Team Darigan Citadel and Team Roo Island also had an extremely decisive battle on the field. The Darigans overpowered the Rooligans to retain four well-earnt wins. Reshar Collifey from DC said, "Can't say it matches the level of excitement from our rivalries in previous tournaments, but that probably has to do with the change in gameplay, but the Roos put up a good fight. Our Forwards just had to step-up their tactics a notch and it paid off." Meanwhile Roo Island Defender, Fenny Vail, said, "There are some days where being hyperactive can't help the team, no matter how many jelly beans you consumed before the match."

Snow fell on Brightvale yesterday as a bitter storm from Terror Mountain trapped the scholars in mortal peril. Team Terror Mountain became the third team to earn an undisputed clean sweep in their match against Team Brightvale yesterday. "I just don't understand. I could have sworn our fans were yelling louder," Orie Dinelle, Brightvale's goalkeeper, lamented as her team returned to their locker rooms yesterday. "I guess all of those Clockwork explosions are playing tricks on my mind." Meanwhile we had to translate Tyrannian for Terror Mountain player Evrem Guilako, who said, "This is the year where snow will win."

The final sweep went to Team Krawk Island as the pirates soundly defeated Team Moltara in all four games. "Sometimes magma and monoliths won't help a team," KI Defender, Nitri Cassale, said pointedly at the Moltarans. "What they need is more brute strength, and even though they look the part, they just aren't using that potential." Tulah Kisner of Team Moltara had this to say in response; "That doesn't give our opposing team the excuse to trip us over every two seconds!"

Avoiding a sweep, Team Faerieland ensured that they took a win in Slushie Slinger against famed Team Kreludor for their match-up. The Lunar Squad won the other three games but congratualted the Faeries for their tenacity. "They're still holding their ground," Captain Derlyn Fonnet said kindly to the press. "Nothing will keep them from a win of some form." Team Faerieland also exchanged nice comments about their opponents. "Kreludor gave it their all. They are still potentially good enough to place high this year," Elbin Kroe of Faerieland commented.

Team Lost Desert were determined not to lose Yooyuball to the Tyrannians and managed to stand their ground in the rockslide. Tyrannia retain their status as a support game powerhouse by winning all three side games. "The Deserts aren't so tough," Wila Benne said smugly by the end of the day. "We won more than them." Derbi Azar of Lost Desert shrugged. "They have nothing on us. Yooyuball is our priority. We just need to work harder next time."

Team Meridell could not be bested in their match yesterday. Team Altador barely escaped a clean sweep by pushing for that Draw in Make Some Noise - really calling to the Heroes for statistical safety. "When all else fails, yell louder," Salayne Ritad, Altador's goalie, said sagely about their game. Ilsa Ellits couldn't help but smile. "It's a shame we didn't quite get the clean sweep but the gladiators really bellowed their support yesterday. Altador must be proud... but our Meridellians are even prouder."

The Team Virtupets versus Team Haunted Woods match ended haphazardly with wins in Yooyuball and Make Some Noise going to Sloth's favourite squad, a win to Haunted Woods in Shootout Showdown, and a draw in Slushie Slinger as their waitresses served an equal amount of slushies that day. "VICTORY... BEEP... GOES TO TEAM VIRTUPETS... BEEP... TEAM VIRTUPETS... BEEP... FOR THE WIN!" Goltron Mk I from Virtupets stated in a tinny tone. Wan Dirx from Team Haunted Woods looked slightly annoyed. "XL Striker almost ran me over on the pitch! That was hardly fair, where was the Referee?!" He then calmed down and said, "Well, they did play well but I'm not happy about losing to them."

Kavi: I've taken a break from Tubular Kiko Racing to lay down some awesome comments about my fave team in the tournament. Team Kiko Lake went up against Team Mystery Island and really played their hearts out! I mean REALLY did, they were amazing. But they still managed to lose Yooyuball and Make Some Noise. I was cheering loads... LOADS but I think the Islanders had bigger lungs than us. I did my part for the team by visiting the slushie stand for Slushie Slinger, and we ended that game in a draw, so I'm happy those five Jumbleberry Slushies I bought helped the team, but the best part was when Meela Kitah won Shootout Showdown! No questions about it, that was more intense than sliding down a bunch of rapids in a rubber inflatable ring. I have to admit though, those Mystery Islanders know what they're doing. No messing around by dawdling about on the pitch for those guys, they just get stuck in there and play until there is no tomorrow. Go Team Kiko Lake! I want to see you in the top bracket this year! Whoo!

There you have it - Kavi the Kiko, everyone! *Applauds* Tomorrow we have the Wise Old Gnorbu from Shenk--
Captain Mirsha Grelinek: Oh no you don't! The Wise Old Gnorbu is not allowed in the stadium after blocking our communications this season. He's staying in Shenkuu to do his Lunar Temple dailies.
Really? Oh well, guess he had that coming. In that case, we will be joined by the good faerie Illusen from Meridell.

This report has been brought to you by SunnyNeo's Yooyuball Guide to help save you from a lot of flailing at the keyboard because the controls are weird.