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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 2nd of June 2011 at 02:38 PM NST
Ah the tournament season, you've gotta love it even if you hate it! (Wait, that makes no sense...) Anyway, here is the first match report of the season for Day 1 (June 1st) of the Altador Cup. A special shoutout to the Altador Cup Committee for the changes to the Yooyuball game rules: Look out for the Techo Super-Fan, he isn't too pleased with the changes to Yooyuball... That or he's yelling because he got brain freeze from too many slushies. Fortunately the Altadorian security guards have managed to convince some of the supporters to enjoy the event despite the changes. After all, it's the teams who have to run around the pitch, not the lovely Neopians who cheer from their seats in the Colosseum. There are two clean sweeps to report from yesterday's matches so let's get on with the report!

First off, we have Haunted Woods versus Team Moltara. The Spooky Squad could not resist the urge to steamroll the Steampunk Squad into the gritty playing field. The Haunties were in good spirits after they took home four wins. Naturally the Moltarans weren't happy about the result but are determined to rid themselves of the underdog status they acquired from last year. Aldric Beign explained, "It's that darn Darigan Yooyu! It gets us every time."

The second sweep of the day went to Team Terror Mountain who snowed in Team Shenkuu. Not the greatest start of the tournament for the Ninjas, but they are not going to let one sweep ruin their tournament. "We're all getting used to the Committee's new rules," Foltaggio from Shenkuu explained after the results were announced. "The Mountaineers improved significantly over the off-season, it was an exciting match." Prytariel from Terror Mountain later said that the secret to their success was stealing the power-ups on the field before their opponents could.

Team Darigan Citadel snagged three wins from Team Faerieland yesterday in Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. "The Faeries still need to work on their Yooyuball, but they deserved the win in Slushie Slinger," Captain Layton Vickles said casually to the fans. "No one should underestimate them." Elbin Kroe, the newly assigned player to Faerieland, told us of his experience with Fyora's Fighters. "This is a breath of fresh air. I hope I can help them secure that win in Yooyuball one day."

Another team that lost Slushie Slinger but won all the rest of the games was Team Virtupets. The Space Squad faced Team Kiko Lake in a bid to start the year off with a bang. Keetra Deile of Virtupets said, "We were thinking about sneaking some Unstable Slime onto the pitch but then decided that we're good enough without it." Ditan Colb from Kiko Lake shrugged in response to this. "The fans were thirsty, that's why Slushie Slinger was our best game. Hopefully we'll perform better as the tournament goes along."

The result echoed for Team Krawk Island who sailed through three wins, losing Slushie Slinger to Team Altador. "Jus' goes t'show that even though ol' Dash has retired, the pirates fight fer the gold as usual," Captain Garven Hale mused happily. Team Altador felt disappointed that they had not performed better with the changes to Yooyuball and hope that their next match will be a ray of light for them.

The scholars of Brightvale almost swept Team Mystery Island, if it hadn't been a tie in Yooyuball. "Squeaky" Tressif, Captain of Team Brightvale, stated, "So close! If we had grabbed that supersize power-up before the last few seconds ran out we would've secured the sweep." Meanwhile, Bertie Shurtz from Team Mystery Island has risen to fame in the Top Goal Scorers list! "The Kougra is gonna limbo to victory!" she cheered, punching the air happily. Although she has dropped a few places, she did hold first place for a while.

Team Kreludor is fighting strong as they outshone the sea against Team Maraqua. They waxed the games with a win in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger whilst taking an honourary Draw in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Captain Elon Hughlis from Maraqua was miffed about the loss but boasts, "I'm the Top Goal Scorer so they can shut up." And he wonders why Dorina Hals left...

The rising rockstars from Tyrannia have proven that new addition, "Spikes" Barmie, is not one to mess with on the pitch as he helped take down the knights of Meridell yesterday. "He may only know how to speak Tyrannian, but his work on the pitch needs no words, he was amazing!" Captain Loryche of Tyrannia chimed about her new player. "The fans drew Slushie Slinger with us and unfortunately they weren't as lively as the Meridellians, but it was fun!"

Finally there is the match between the defending champs, Team Lost Desert, and the plucky little powerhouse from Roo Island. The Rooligans are determined to keep their performance levels up and proved this by winning Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown. Captain Lilo Blumario had a bounce in his step as he said, "That match wasn't so bad. So we lost Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise? This is a really good start to the year." Lost Desert's Derbi Azar shrugged. "The Rooligans played well but it won't be long before we sweep our next unsuspecting opponents!"

So there you have it! The first day is over with, good luck in your matches today and don't despair if you lost, there is still plenty of time for your team to turn things around.

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