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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 17th of June 2011 at 05:08 AM NST
It's nearly the end of the First Round Robin! How is your team doing? Remember to play for fun and to your strengths :). Today we bring you the match report for Day 16 (June 16th) of the Altador Cup. Now where's my slushie hat...?

The first of two sweeps went to Team Krawk Island as they were pitted against the fury of Team Roo Island. In the history of the Altador Cup, these two teams generally had the "one to watch" label stuck to their foreheads, and it is still the case these days. Even though the pirates took all four matches, it doesn't mean that it wasn't a worthy scuffle! "Blooming pirates," Jair Tollet of Roo Island scoffed playfully. "The match is ours!" Garven Hale roared after the results were posted.

Team Terror Mountain had the last of the clean sweeps yesterday in their match against the hardy Team Faerieland. Kakoni Worrill was not discouraged. "If you think being swept is the end of the road, you really need to pay more attention to our team. It has never broken us, nor will it ever." Prytariel of Terror Mountain said, "Taelia might be a bit miffed about Faerieland's loss but she's on our side, so that's okay."

Team Kiko Lake raced to victory against Team Altador, which earned them success in Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Slushie Slinger went to the Altadorians, thus saving them from being swept like the slushie cartons off the fan stands. "Trapper" Remis said, "All for one and one for us!" Erli Quinnock from Kiko Lake turned to the gladiators saying, "Who wants a game of Tubular Kiko Racing on my handheld gaming device?" Team Altador jumped at the offer.

Team Tyrannia had a run for their Neopoints when they were up against Team Haunted Woods. Both Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown ended in a tie (sorry, Brains, your brain-chomping technique was a failure yesterday) and Tyrannia's fans rallied for their classic style victories in Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise. Tyrannia was kind about the wins, though, and invited Team Haunted Woods to an after-game party. Was it fancy dress? We will never know.

The knights in Team Meridell had a ball against Team Lost Desert as they danced on the tables to draw Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, and were tough and able to defeat the Desert Squad in Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown. Yoris Obbles of Meridell cheered, "In the name of King Skarl, we declare this match as ours!" Derbi Azar of Team Lost Desert cracked her knuckles. "Alright, it's almost the Second Round Robin. Watch out, we're gonna come back and bite you like a Cobrall."

Teams Maraqua and Darigan Citadel really had their work cut out for them as neither team secured the overall win for their match-up. With Draws in both Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown, this left them to try and snatch the remaining two support games. Maraqua took Slushie Slinger (yes, Elon was thirsty, he helped himself to twenty of those) and Team Darigan Citadel stormed Make Some Noise. "Well, that was anti-climatic," Layton Vickles of DC said with a shrug as the teams returned to their locker rooms. Lamelle Turow of Maraqua said, "Who could've guessed that our results would be that close? Incredible."

The Steampunk Squad of Moltara really put up a fight against Team Brightvale as Slushie Slinger ended in a Draw. Yooyuball was awarded to the scholars but Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown went to the newly fuelled Team Moltara. "We're not as weak as some teams think, we're still capable of an upset," Vere Polnicek of the Moltarans said happily. Montecito was not too despondant about the results. "The way I see it is that we just need to play with much more focus next round."

Team Shenkuu managed to cause an upset against Team Virtupets yesterday that not even Dr. Sloth or the Wise Old Gnorbu could foretell. Shenkuu used all of their strength in Yooyuball to prove that they are still serious about the tournament, and even though the support games went to Virtupets, it just goes to show that there are still little gems in the rough waiting to shine. Xana DiLanche beamed. "That was AWESOME! Have you seen our team look so alive? It was amazing" Keetra Deile of Virtupets was proud of her team's support game sweep. "Our fans are still going strong! One loss of Yooyuball won't set us back much. Needless to say it was unexpected."

Gorix: Haha, Cylara, I got your tickets! Hello, everyone! I'm Gorix, you might remember me in the fight against Doctor Sloth. I'm gonna talk about the Team Kreludor versus Team Mystery Island match now. Well, Yooyuball was a treat to watch! The Grundo twins totally thwarted the Mystery Island defence, and Captain Derlyn Fonnet was completely on the ball. The stadium was very loud in the Make Some Noise competition, I had to wear earplugs for that one it was deafening! But Kreludor came away with a win in that one too :). Slushie Slinger was an interesting face-off. Both teams could not get the upper-hand and the waitresses served exactly the same amount of slushies to each team. Unfortunately for us, Shootout Showdown went to the Islanders but they did deserve it. By .30 of a second they won that game! It was excellent! Now, I've better run for it because Cylara is waiting outside, and if I'm mistaken she has a box with Meepits inside just waiting to munch my face for stealing her VIP Booth tickets... Seeya later!

Joining us in the VIP Booth tomorrow is Sophie the Swamp Witch! Be careful, fans, she might not like to be yelled at in Make Some Noise!

This report has been brought to you by SunnyNeo's Exclusive Stories page. When TNT document their tournament coverage, we document it for fond Altador Cup memories :).