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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 19th of June 2011 at 05:38 AM NST
Welcome to our Altador Cup Coverage. Today we bring you the report for Day 18 (June 18th) of the Altador Cup. Once again there are a few notable sweeps to talk about accompanied by a small chance of rain. Here's the weather report for Altador:

Today is the 19th day of Relaxing, Y13

Today's Weather: boiling hot, droughts expected
Average temperature today is 48 degrees C (120 degrees F)

Wow, that's scorching! Not sure how our Yooyuballers are going to cope on the pitch. Good luck to them today. Guess there won't be any rain then!

Now for the match report...

The pirates had a fantastic day as Team Krawk Island was able to repeat history by destroying Maraqua (Team Maraqua anyway... in one day in the schedule... but you get the point :P). A clean sweep was awarded to the pirates and they aren't looking back if they can help it!

Captain Scarblade: Arr, a team after me own heart. If I had one that is! ARR-HAR-HAR!
King Kelpbeard: Get away from my kingdom, you horrible pirate!

The knights bested the ninjas yesterday by also sweeping them. The Meridellian armoury had spent all night sharpening their weaponry, and Kentari had unfortunately lost his shipment of katanas in a sudden storm. A medieval guard cheered for Team Meridell as Kentari comforted Team Shenkuu.

Meridell Guard: Yep, our Yooyuballers were definitely sharp! Huzzah for Meridell!
Kentari: Don't despair, Shenkuu. Remember that we have ninja stars... and not just our Yooyuballers.

Team Terror Mountain froze over Moltara with the final sweep of the schedule. Team Moltara are starting to get tired of being weather-beaten. Will they be able to summon up the courage to unleash a shield of steam against their next opponents?

Moltaran Mayor: Personally I blame that Roxton bloke. I knew we shouldn't have hired him as our team advisor. Just keep trying, team, we're proud of you!
Armin the Small: Whoo hoo! Way to go Terror Mountain! If we ever have to face Icy Skeletal Hordes again, we know who can help defeat them! Although, Moltara might also be able to help with that, come to think of it, what with the heat versus ice stuff.

Ghosts appeared all over Altador when Team Haunted Woods won Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown against the gladiators. Team Altador would not be spooked, though, and claimed Slushie Slinger as their own.

Gilly: Eliv Thade was always one to puzzle Neopians. Team Haunted Woods is always the one to puzzle their opponents.
Finneus: I'm busy, can't you see I'm documenting things about this tournament? Oh, well I guess I can quickly congratulate Team Altador on their Slushie Slinging victory against Haunted Woods. Bravo!

Team Kreludor didn't need schooling in the Altador Cup when they went up against Team Brightvale. Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown went to the contenders. Slushie Slinger went to those thirsty Brightvalian scholars, though, because they were working very hard at re-writing their opponents' player profiles.

Cybunny Scout: See that, Ylana? THAT is how you win a stand-off. You cover all bases.
Roberta: Team Brightvale, focus more on your matches, I'll take over writing the documents you so require. Good luck!

Team Virtupets had the drive to win Yooyuball and Make Some Noise, but not enough to overtake Team Mystery Island in Slushie Slinger, which ended in a draw. Team Mystery Island won Shootout Showdown, resulting in a limbo party afterwards.

Doctor Sloth: Team Virtupets!!! Come on, is that the best you can DO? Would it help if I zapped something on Mystery Island to improve your performance? I mean, you won Yooyuball, yes, but I know you're capable of better. Honestly!
Jhuidah: You come nowhere near Mystery Island, Sloth or I'll set Mumbo Pango on you! Don't listen to him, team, Virtupets did well, but we don't have to listen to "His Majesty" talk nonsense.

Team Kiko Lake and Team Faerieland were checkmate yesterday when Yooyuball resulted in a draw. Things were going Faerieland's way when they won Slushie Slinger, but the overall win went to Kiko Lake with victories in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.

Kiko Lake Carpenter: Great work, Team Kiko Lake! You know, I was thinking of designing some sort of wooden sculpture to display on the Lake, when you guys come home maybe you can help me design it in honour of your efforts?
Queen Fyora: Well done, my Faeries! You are playing wonderfully this year! *Gasp* We will have to have PIE to celebrate once the tournament is over.

Team Roo Island was determined not to be rocked out by the Tyrannians and secured the match with wins in Yooyuball and Shootout Showdown. Team Tyrannia held their ground by dominating the support games (Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise). They really do have the rock concert thing down!

Plesio: Ugg-ugga. Ugg ug... Tyrannia! (And that's "awesome work" in a rough translation.)
Count Von Roo: Vat? Oh Yooyuball... very nice. Maybe I will spare the Rooligans for now if they pull off some more victories... I am a creature of the night, after all. Need to eat...

Lady Osiri: Yes, it is I... Lady Osiri. I closed up shop for a little while in Sakhmet to watch my team play in the tournament here in Altador. I don't think I'll let these Neopians run around in my shop, especially not Leera Heggle, there's far too much risk of something breaking. But on the field they do seem to be quite good. Except for when Team Lost Desert actually LOST to Team Darigan Citadel, of course. I mean, I don't tend to watch the Altador Cup, I make pottery, but even I was a little disappointed in the results because Lost Desert used to be unstoppable. The Darigans were very prepared at the tournament grounds, so prepared in fact that they won Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown! My word, I've never seen such brutality since the Petpet Battles. I think Team Lost Desert is just in a little bit of a pickle, but with the right determination under King Coltzan's blessing, I'm sure that they will pick themselves up again once more. I mean, at least they drew in Slushie Slinger, that is something. You know what! I think I will send a gift basket of pottery to the Yooyuball squad. I mean, they have worked very hard in the past and are probably just suffering from the "Winner's Curse" I've heard about. Maybe some new decor would do some good. Yes, in fact, I will go do that now. Great match, Darigans, and use that brute force again, Team Lost Desert. I will bid goodbye now. Ta-ta!

Next time in our VIP Booth, Cog from Cog's Togs will be joining us.

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