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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 11th of July 2011 at 01:30 PM NST
The time is up, the ceremony for the Altador Cup has come to a close, it is has been shown in the Finals results that the winner of Altador Cup VI is...

Team Virtupets!
Sloth would be proud!

Coming in second and third place is...
Krawk Island III

And our runners up are:

IV   Maraqua
 V   Meridell
 VI   Tyrannia
 VII   Darigan Citadel
 VIII   Terror Mountain
 IX Roo Island
X Shenkuu
XI Haunted Woods
XII Brightvale
XIII   Lost Desert
XIV   Mystery Island
 XV   Faerieland
XVI   Kiko Lake
XVII   Altador
XVIII   Moltara

The Altador Cup winners have been revealed! Where did your team place? Check out the results and visit the Prize Shop to redeem your hard-earned prizes!

Here is our Prizes page with previews of the wearables.

Watch this space and congratulations to the new champions! Not to forget the hard work all the other teams have put into the tourney. Maybe we'll see a new champion next year?

In other news, there is an Altador Cup Survey for people to take:

What did you think of Altador Cup this year? Please send us your thoughts by using this link! (Note: Clicking on the survey link will take you off-site!)