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Posted by chimp_chicken_fish on 11th of July 2011 at 04:18 PM NST
It looks like this year the trophies are being awarded for the effort you put in for your team. You can get yours from the Altador Cup VI Prize Shop!

You will get a message similar to this except with the trophy relevant to your team, your rank and the team's overall rank:

 Click for a larger image.

The list of trophies below is in order of the Final Ranks of each team (so you can see gold-bronze and then the wooden runner-up trophies).

If you did not achieve Rank Level-1, you would receive a wooden participation medal for the effort: 

Thanks to those who have Neomailed us with the additional information!
Team Best Trophy
(Rank Level 16-20)
Next-Best Trophy
(Rank Level 11-15)
Third-Best Trophy
(Rank Level 6-10)
Runner-up Trophy
(Rank Level 1-5)