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Posted by charliewatsonside on 12th of July 2011 at 08:06 AM NST
We have updated our Altador Cup VI Prize Shop guide with this years prizes. Our guide is complete with the cost of each individual item, as well as flash previews for the wearables! Have you spent your points wisely?

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For more information on how to use your Wonderclaw Token, visit our NC Mall Wonderclaw guide.

And finally, SN's Rainbow Pool is still currently missing the unclothed version of the Royalgirl Techo. If you have, or know of anyone who has a Royalgirl Techo, please neomail charlie__watson.

Update: A big thank you to Emi (yumiix) for providing the unclothed version of the Royalgirl Techo. Our Rainbow Pool is now up-to-date with all pet colours, as well as the unclothed versions and the unconverted version if available. If you happen to find a mistake or something missing, please neomail charlie__watson.

"I hope there's a hefty price tag
for that image of Royalty!"