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Posted by jujipup on 19th of May 2015 at 11:53 AM NST
It appears that Shenkuu has arrived at the Colosseum.

We officially have the page up for our AC X Customisation Spotlight.  Read over the rules and start brainstorming ideas for a Customisation for your pets if you haven't already.  We will open up submissions once Sign-Ups start.  We will again this year do NC Included and NP Only (PB clothing accepted in either category).

SunnyNeo's AC X Staff Tournament is coming!  The page is currently being set up as well as team names being created and such so it isn't visible just yet.  However, we do have three teams of five staffers and we made the teams more even.  We asked each staffer their goal rank and tried to make the teams as random and even as possible.  It should be a battle to with this years Staff Tournament vs last year Team Super Heroes took it without much fight.  You can view the team members in the table below.

Team #1 Team #2 Team #3
Rhyz Jujipup Kim
Corine Mikey Wolf
Vanity Ziggy Jocinto
Casey Lacee Jado
Sasha Jay Christa

Can't wait for the games to begin...