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Posted by jujipup on 21st of May 2015 at 05:34 PM NST
The last teams arrive at the Altador Cup Colosseum: Altador, Faerieland, and Terror Mountain.  (Yes, in Neopets news, Terror Mountain arrived with Shenkuu, however, at the colosseum, they were not yet there on the page.)

We wish everyone the best of luck achieving their personal goals this year!
Good luck to all the teams!

We will be sure to finish off the last Petlookups we have for the remaining teams homelands soon.  Also, we do know we are behind in two Skirmish Battle graphics.  We are hoping to get those Skirmish graphics done before AC begins, but during AC we will probably leave any Skirmish wins graphics for after with us all busy with the Altador Cup for our personal goals, the SN Staff Tournament, and for keeping SunnyNeo up to date with this Altador Cup.