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Posted by jujipup on 30th of May 2015 at 10:02 PM NST
We've added the Town of Lost Desert Petlookup for those pets native to or cheering on Lost Desert.


A rolling green fog appears to venture into the arena as an uneasiness settles all around.  Five Staff members dressed in Yooyu Ball gear emerge from the fog.  Team Super Heroes stands at the ready against an arising adversary.  Team Wicked has arrived!  Rhyz who participated in SN Staff Tournament AC V and VI, has re-emerged for this years SN Staff Tournament after missing AC IX - how suspicious.  It appears whatever has turned them wicked got to both last years teams Team Altachuck's member Corine and Team Pink Skulls' member Vanity.  Sasha has been with Sunnyneo for a while, but is making her first appearance in the SN Staff Tournament apart of Team Wicked.  Casey is rather new to Sunnyneo but quickly fell to the madness that overtook the elder members.   It isn't sure what caused the outbreak, but one thing is for sure:  this years SN Staff Tournament is definitely going to be a battle.  One more SN Staff Team has yet to make its appearance.