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Posted by coalbox on 4th of June 2015 at 12:29 AM NST
Much like our devious yooyus, Altador Cup X is off to a rolling start! Can't stop, won't stop. Our teams definitely picked things up on Day 3, adding a couple revamped teams in to the mix. Seems everyone's finally here to play! Results, results, results.

Alabriss Bracket

Team Krawk Island is finally adding some wins to their season, taking their all time favorites Yooyuball / Shootout Showdown and a draw in Slushie Slinger against Team Roo Island. However our blumaroos are still boucing all over the boards, earning their own win in Make Some Noise. Team Lost Desert swept Team Maraqua for the second day in a row, which is definitely causing some rough waters out there in Altador. Our reigning Alabriss Bracket champions are still out there sweeping the scores, rounding out Day 3 with yet another sweep for Team Kreludor against Team Moltara.

Minitheus Bracket

Welcome to the dark side, Team Virtupets! Unfortunately Team Darigan Citadel blacked your team out, resulting in a serious sweep. Muahahahaha! *cough* Sorry. Team Faerieland is flying high with their two draws in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, however that's not enough to derail a team like Team Meridell, who takes two wins in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Team Altador pulls out some serious Yooyuball moves, taking one win for themselves against Team Shenkuu. However owning the Colosseum does not get you any favors, with Shenkuu taking Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Get off the lawn and play!

Vaeolus Bracket

What a draw! Team Haunted Woods and Team Brightvale civilly take two wins each, sharing a slushie afterwards. How peaceful is that! The snow came down hard from Team Terror Mountain, sending a crazy blizzard Team Mystery Island's way. Sweep, there it is! Yet another astounding all across win goes to the last but not least team, Team Kiko Lake. Definitely putting in a lot of effort this year! Sorry Team Tyrannia, there isn't enough free omelette in all of Neopia that could get you out of that loss.

Just keep scoring, just keep scoring!
Need a little break from maxing out Shootout Showdown? Dress up your pet and send in a submission for this years' Customisation Spotlight! Check back right here tomorrow for yet another report full of wonderful coverage.