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Posted by coalbox on 7th of June 2015 at 12:04 AM NST
Look at you, you’re on a roll! Yesterday’s scores did not count towards your team’s standing, however it does count towards your own personal rank for Altador Cup X. With that said, there are no results for today. However, we get shiny new brackets! Want to know who’s placed where?

Alabriss Bracket: Tyrannia, Lost Desert, Krawk Island, Darigan Citadel, Shenkuu and Haunted Woods.
Minitheus Bracket: Kiko Lake, Kreludor, Meridell, Faerieland, Brightvale and Moltara.
Vaeolus Bracket: Terror Mountain, Roo Island, Maraqua, Altador, Virtupets and Mystery Island.

Yesterday also kicked off the annual Staff Tournament, so be sure to submit your choices before Friday (which is when results will be posted). These games are nowhere close to over! TNT will also be releasing The Kickoff portion of Altador Rising tomorrow, which should involve another 700 NC Time Turner. Remember to check back here tomorrow for Day 7 results/more Altador Cup X news!