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Posted by jujipup on 9th of June 2015 at 06:58 PM NST
The scores have been gathered and tallied and we have Week 1 results for our SunnyNeo Staff Tournament.

Team Super Heroes seems to be at it again, taking victory in three games: Yooyu Ball, Slushie Slinger, and Shootout Showdown.  However, Team Sword of Lameness managed to overpower them in Make Some Noise - doubling what Heroes were able to do in that game.  Team Sword of Lameness took second place in Yooyu Ball and Slushie Slinger, but Team Wicked had over 1,000,000 more points in Shootout Showdown - taking second in that game away from Lameness.  Only one thing is clear this year: it will be a battle to the finish line.  If any of the three teams falls behind in gameplay, the doors will open for another team to take their ranking.

Neopians ask, because Neopians DARE: Who will it be?