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Posted by coalbox on 10th of June 2015 at 12:18 AM NST
Yes, the rumors are true! Altador Cup X is still going, no matter how much your bed would like to convince you otherwise. What, the pillows are in on it too? AND you're sleepy?? Madness! Wake back up!! Go have a snack - there's a game to win. Did someone say win? Ah, yes. These are yesterdays results! *mew* ... What was that?

Alabriss Bracket

Heads up, incoming! Krawk Island had to duck for the storm that was Team Lost Desert yesterday, getting swept up in the sand and left for Kad food. The janitor is still trying to round those mewing petpets back up! Team Darigan Citadel fairs quite better in Day 9, adding in a Yooyuball and Make Some Noise win alongside a Shootout Showdown draw, only losing Slushie Slinger to Team Shenkuu. Team Haunted Woods was also quite frankly too amused by the Kadoatery outbreak to play, letting Team Tyrannia soak up all the glory that is a sweep.

Minitheus Bracket

Team Moltara played better than they have in the past couple days, adding a Make Some Noise win and Shootout Showdown draw to their achievements. On the flip side of that matchup was Team Brightvale, who takes Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger. Mmm, slushies! Can you go grab me one? Team Meridell has definitely shown up to play this year, taking their second sweep of this season against Team Faerieland. Whoop! Last but still anything but least is Team Kiko Lake, still slaying the game with their eighth consecutive sweep. Hopefully Team Kreludor can pick themselves back up from this devastating loss!

Vaeolus Bracket

Another team picking up the pace is Team Maraqua, who is finally adding in some wins to this game with two in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger alongside a draw in Shootout Showdown. However you can't keep Team Roo Island out of the game for too long - they also secure a Make Some Noise win! The only complete draw goes to Team Virtupets and Team Altador, the seemingly only real equal matches of this season. Virtupets takes Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger while Altador takes Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. Uhh... shake hands? Sure, sure. Let's do that! Our day lands in the negative temperatures side, with Team Terror Mountain completely freezing out Team Mystery Island. SWEEP! Maybe don't forget the coffee tomorrow!

Shootout Showdown, anyone?

Yes your favorite green Kacheek is back for Day 9, this time with another Bonus game!!
*IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you send a Shootout Showdown score today, all points will count as extra for your team. KADS CAN'T STOP THIS!! *mew*

Check back dark and early for even more Altador Cup X news and highlights. Hopefully the Kadoatery outbreak won't get in your way too much. ;)