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Posted by coalbox on 16th of June 2015 at 10:05 PM NST
Hear we GOOALLL! Shooting enough goals for the showdown? You better be, it's Day 15 here already! Altador Cup X is around halfway through, so I hope everyone's well on their way to the goals they'd love to accomplish. Not quite there yet? No worries! Use our Rank Calculator to see how much more you've got to go. Let's get those results!

Alabriss Bracket

Team Faerieland takes up two wins in Yooyuball and Slushie Slinger, while Team Haunted Woods outscores in Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown. What a draw! Faerieland is definitely kicking it up this round - watch out. It's a slightly close sweep, but Team Roo Island fought it out while Team Maraqua just couldn't keep up. Rounding out the top is Team Tyrannia, stomping out the competition Team Meridell on day 15.

Minitheus Bracket

Round three is rolling forward strong, with this bracket seeing nothing but sweeps! And the first drumroll goes towards Team Krawk Island, who smashes out Team Altador today. Let's also roll out a red carpet for Team Roo Island, still hanging out on top of the brackets taking another sweep against Team Brightvale. Unfortunately for Team Virtupets, our desert friends are on top of their game - Team Lost Desert gains the last sweep in this bracket.

Vaeolus Bracket

This bracket almost saw all sweeps, with Team Darigan Citadel taking the first of the two smack downs. Where's the gaming at Team Mystery Island?! Maybe they need to pick up better fortunes.. Team Moltara drops out of Day 15 against Team Kreludor, who is absolutely dominating round 3. Sweep, there it is! Our last but not least result is almost all about Team Terror Mountain, who gains Yooyuball, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown wins, only faltering in a draw during Slushie Slinger. But the slushies are the best part! At least, that's what Team Shenkuu is sayin'.

Altador IS Rising!!

Don't miss out on any news regarding Altador Cup X - check back right here tomorrow for even MORE coverage of this years' games. Also remember that the The Games Begin Once Upon a Time Turner is now available for purchase at the NC Mall for 700 NC!