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Posted by coalbox on 18th of June 2015 at 12:05 AM NST
Did you say something about CAKE? Welcome to Day 17, where we are officially celebrating the end of the third brackets!! The days' results are in for Altador Cup X, with a board that consists *almost* entirely of sweeps. What?! We should all be thankful that tomorrow is a bye day.. I think you guys need a break!

Alabriss Bracket

It's definitely a day of hit or miss at the Colosseum, with Team Haunted Woods getting swept by Team Roo Island. Well, at least there's cake! Just don't get any on your face, okay? Also coming away with a sweep is Team Tyrannia, who takes out their competition Team Meridell. We were hoping Team Faerieland would come away with more than one win in Yooyuball, but you just couldn't keep Team Maraqua away yesterday, who wins the Slushie Slinger, Make Some Noise and Shootout Showdown.

Minitheus Bracket

While Team Altador may not be a pro at sweeps, they are a pro at eating all the cake. Luckily for Team Krawk Island, this means they also come away with a sweep on Day 17. Do pirates like cake? (THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS YES.)  How's the view from the top, Team Kiko Lake? Once again KL takes another sweep, with Lost Desert taking the short end of the stick. Our last sweep of this bracket is awarded on a shiny silver and red platter to Team Virtupets, who absolutely slays Team Brightvale. Would a cupcake help?

Vaeolus Bracket

If fruit is on a cake it MUST be healthy.. right? I'm rolling with it. The Vaeolus bracket also sees nothing but sweeps, so let's get right on to our results. Team Mystery Island scores all the points, locking Team Moltara out of the Colosseum. Is that against the rules? We just might need to get the referee in on this. It isn't pretty for Team Shenkuu, getting swept away by Team Terror Mountain in this matchup. Yikesy. Our last result also ends with a blackout for Team Darigan Citadel, who just couldn't score enough points to beat out Team Kreludor. Is it the gravity thing again? Conspiracies.

What do you mean you don't love FRUITCAKE??

Need more time to eat cake? Okay, okay.. you can take a minute away from your Altador Cup games and have some. But shh, don't tell the yooyus I told you that! Loving the games so far? Show some spirit and enter your pet in SunnyNeo's Customisation Spotlight! I might even put in a good word for you if you bribe me with cake.. Check back right here tomorrow for our all new brackets! *Remember that today is a "bye" day, so your scores will only count towards your personal rank.