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Posted by coalbox on 19th of June 2015 at 10:25 PM NST
We're entering the fourth round of Altador Cup X, with all new brackets released today! Since yesterday was a "bye" day, we have absolutely no results for you. Bah! However, we still have news to report, so welcome to Day 18! Want to check out your new brackets? SunnyNeo has you covered!

Alabriss Bracket: Lost Desert, Terror Mountain, Meridell, Krawk Island, Mystery Island, Faerieland.
Minitheus Bracket: Kreludor, Tyrannia, Altador, Moltara, Virtupets, Haunted Woods.
Vaeolus Bracket: Kiko Lake, Roo Island, Darigan Citadel, Maraqua, Shenkuu, Brightvale.

*IMPORTANT NOTICE: When you send a Slushie Slinger score today, all points will count as extra for your team. Get to playing!!

You can't keep me away from the AC!!

We also have the TNT Staff Tournament results, so make sure to go check out your scores and collect your neopoints for returning. Want to make an informed decision for next week? Check out our TNT Staff Tournament Guide! Check back tomorrow for our new bracket results.