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Posted by jujipup on 22nd of June 2015 at 09:21 PM NST
We have the results for Week 3 of our SunnyNeo Staff Tournament.

It was time to make a move!  Team Lameness went all or nothing this week and charged gloriously into the Altador Cup games.  Team Super Heroes was weakened this week as the length of the cup has wearied them.  Team Lameness took first place in Yooyu Ball and Make Some Noise, while Team Super Heroes took Slushie Slinger and Shootout Showdown.  It came down to who placed best in the games they didn't place first.  Team Lameness nearly made a tie with Super Heroes, but lost by 200,000 points in Shootout Showdown to Team Wicked, putting them in third place in that game.  Overall, Team Super Heroes holds on to first place, losely, as Team Lameness takes back their second place.  Team Wicked slid back into third place, even though they in a way helped the Heroes secure their first.

The last week is upon us.  Can Team Super Heroes keep first place the whole Tournament, or will their fatigue get the better of them?  Will Team Wicked take back second place, push for first, and fight for their standing?  Will Team Lameness band together with one final effort to try and take down the other two teams showing what they can really do?

Who has the endurance to stay strong the rest of the Cup?

You still have 4 days to enter your pets in the AC Customisation Spotlight.  Please consider entering your pets if you haven't already.  We are excited to see them as well as show who had the best Team Support customisation.  Which one of your pets has the most team spirit?  Don't hide your neopet, let them shine like stars!
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Go, team, go!!